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Published On: Mon, Jul 8th, 2013

ACCESS DENIED: Casna explains why The Journal wasn’t allowed to film BOH meeting

TOWN HOUSE- Joe Casna may have some explaining to do after he violated the Open Meeting Law and barred the Journal’s own Bradford Randall from filming a public meeting between the Board of Selectmen (BOS) and the Board of Health (BOH) on July 1 as the two boards discussed shadow flicker with representatives from numerous state agencies.

Casna’s reasons for illegally deciding the Journal couldn’t film date back to a June 17th BOH meeting, when Vice Chairman William Kavol inaudably muttered “how the hell do you people stay in my country?”

The Journal asked Kavol to repeat himself–which amounted to disturbing the meeting for Casna.

“You disturbed my last meeting,” Casna told the Journal during a recess in last week’s meeting. “You used a clip from your recording to try to attempt to embarrass one of the members of my board on your website. Those were the two reasons I told you you could not film tonight’s meeting.”

The exchange between the Journal and Casna finished with the BOH Chairman daring Randall to file a complaint.

“File a complaint,” Casna said. “You told me you were going to file a complaint, file a complaint.”

Remaining silent was Town Counsel Jay Talerman, who was made aware of Casna’s actions during a point of information in the July 1 meeting.

The Journal has 14 days remaining to file a lawsuit against the BOH in Brockton Superior Court, which would be filed in the interest of seeking a court order barring future Open Meeting Law violations and the issuance of a civil fine to BOH Chairman Joe Casna.

Decide for yourself! Watch the video of the Journal’s June 17 interaction with Kavol and Casna below and tell us whether or not you think we had a right to ask Kavol to repeat himself…we’d like to know!

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  1. Joanne Levesque says:


    I would revise the July 1st date a bit…Mr. Casna has previously refused requests for BOH meetings to be held in Room 200, even on occasions when residents had arranged for PAC TV to tape the meetings.

    When asked at 1 meeting why the BOH would not agree to move to the larger room since it was open and available, Mr. Kavol snapped “maybe we don’t want to be taped”! There you have it!!! They do not want their meetings to be taped if they can at all avoid it.

    You are doing a public service Brad in shining the light on the behavior of “some” town officials who I have witnessed to be consistently antagonistic to those residents who attend meetings, try to present information to support their experiences and are simply asking for help from their Board of health.

    A good bit of the behavior displayed and the comments made do not make it into the minutes from what I can tell.

    As a public service all future BOH meetings should be taped and available for viewing to every resident at any time. Open Government is good government.

  2. Contestant says:

    With all due respect Brad, this is moer of a pissing contest between you and Mr. Casna. You post articles, video clips, photos to embarass him. If you quietly videotaped the meeting and did not verbally challenge the meeting members, perhaps you would have been able to continue to videotape. If the meeting is videotaped already, then I don’t see the issue.

    You two need to go out for a beer and work out this long standing feud. Take a step back and look at the issues and your style of reporting and you will begin to understand what the rest of us see in this.

    I’m not trying to distract from the issues, I think they need to address turbines and open meeting law violations. But, when the “news” reporting is very emotional and angry and sarcastic, it distracts too from the story. You may be winning those who are firmly on one side of the story, but it alienates those who are undecided and drives them in the other direction.

  3. question for contestant: says:

    you are claiming that Brad posts videos “to embarrass” Joe,

    The way i see it Brad is allowng us all to see how Joe operates…and the fact that his behavior, and the behavior of some of his fellow committee members, IS embarrassing is exactly the reason why Brad needs to continue taping…

    The public needs to know how “embarrassing” elected officials who are sworn to prtect the public actually are acting NOT to protect the public…

    Brad needs to kiss and make up with Joe???

    This whole subject is filled with anger because Joe has allowed a circus atmosphere in telling us one thing and then doing exactly the opposite in meetings.

    The problem is NOT Brad…he is only holding a mirror up to the problem