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Published On: Sat, Mar 30th, 2013

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT: Glenn Priolo told to cut it out by KPD after creepy confrontations


KINGSTON- What began with a sentence in a story ended with the filing of two police reports yesterday as the actions of jilted Kingston-resident Glenn Priolo, and the words of Priolo-associate Pat Kelleher, sent the Journal to the cops.

Shortly before 9 a.m. Friday, Priolo knocked on the front door of the Randall homestead on Winter Street and demanded to speak with News Editor Bradford Randall.

Bradford, who is still recovering from major surgery, slept as Priolo was sent away by the only other family member home at the time- Bradford’s mother.

Immediately after the incident, the Journal’s news editor was informed of Priolo’s visit and subsequently noticed a missed call from Pat Kelleher.


Pat Kelleher

When Kelleher’s call was returned later that day, he told the Journal that Priolo was upset about having been mentioned in a feature story entitled “Taking Down Joe Casna: Easier Said Than Done?”

“He wants to give you an attitude adjustment,” Kelleher told the Journal’s news editor when explaining why Priolo had shown up unannounced.

Kelleher also stated that Priolo has a temper and called Priolo “a serious contender when he’s pissed off.”

Kelleher then predicted that Priolo would “come back looking for you” and told the Journal  “don’t shoot the messenger” when the Journal’s news editor became agitated.

The conversation with Kelleher then ended roughly a minute later with Kelleher telling Bradford, “have your father call me.”

Within an hour of Kelleher’s statements, the Journal alerted the Kingston Police to the developing situation.

Officer Dowd, who was already familiar with Priolo, logged the incident and pledged to personally speak to Priolo.


Dennis Randall

Later that afternoon, former-Selectman Dennis Randall answered Kelleher’s request for communication and placed a phone call to Kelleher.

Kelleher answered but cut the conversation short, saying he would call back in several minutes.

Instead, several minutes later, BOS-candidate Dennis Randall received a call from Priolo himself.

“I have only one thing to say to you Glenn [Priolo],” Dennis said. “Come back on my property and I’ll have you arrested for trespassing.”

“You and your douche bag son can go fuck yourselves,” Priolo then screamed before hanging up.

100610_kingston_rocksDennis, who considered the call “obscene and harassing”, then contacted the Kingston Police Department.

Priolo achieved local notoriety after dumping concrete on the front lawn of the Kingston Town House in 2010 after a row with state and local officials over repairs along Route 27, where Priolo lives.

“The town obviously didn’t care how my front yard was,” Priolo told NBC’s Boston affiliate. “So I figured theirs could be the same.”


The back gate of the van on Glenn Priolo’s lawn reads “We Deliver” and dramatizes Priolo’s 2010 town-house dumping.

In that same story, then-Selectman Dennis Randall was quoted as calling Priolo’s concrete dumping “a temper tantrum,” further saying “it’s not the way we do business in this town.”

Soon after, the Board of Selectmen (BOS) released a statement defending the construction process along Route 27, while admitting budget shortfalls had caused timely setbacks.

In the days after that BOS statement in 2010, Randall received a call from Kelleher saying he was “dead in this town.”

That summer, Priolo turned his frustration into imagery with a mural adorning a black van on the front lawn of his Pembroke Street home.

The mural, which included caricatures of the BOS and former-Town Administrator Jill Myers, is no longer visible at Priolo’s residence.

In 2011, Priolo ran for selectman and received 201 votes placing him sixth among a seven-candidate field.


A side view of the van that sat on the Priolo property, along Route 27, for over a year.

It was that vote total which inspired a reference to Priolo’s 2011 BOS bid in the Journal during an article predicting the impact that Sam Cappola’s campaign (or lack thereof) will have on the outcome of a battle for votes among Joe Casna and Elaine Fiore.

The article, which allegedly enraged Priolo, predicted that Cappola could tilt the election in Casna’s favor with a 300-400 vote showing but “if Cappola…completely embarrasses himself with a Glenn Priolo-like showing…Fiore is still in the game.” has decided to release a statement this afternoon relating to Priolo’s harassment, and it reads… will make any corrections necessary but the Journal will not be deterred by threats, intimidation or harassment in our reporting of the news or in our assessments of unfolding events. A free press should never be made to feel threatened when writing about public figures and it is with that in mind that we inform the public of the events that transpired on Friday, March 29, 2013.”

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  1. loyal reader says:

    Well, well, well. It seems that Kingston’s own Boss Tweed needs to watch which hot heads he wants to be friendly with. Watch out Brad!! Glenn might dump concrete…or something far worse…on your front lawn!!

  2. chuck curtis says:

    this is the stuff kingston is made of. who came in last behind priolo in that election?

  3. Chuck, to answer your question…

    Paul Barry came in last in the 2011 election. And while it isn’t relevant…vote totals are not necessarily representative of the figure. Mr. Barry is a good man with three sons in the United States Marine Corps. I do not know if Mr. Barry is a war veteran like my own father…but I greatly admire the record of service that exists in his family, and I am hoping to make this the subject of an upcoming story.

  4. too much says:

    Pat Kelleher is too much, Glenn Prioli is too much and anyone associated with that type of nonsense is too much. Just too much. This man gets mentioned by this website once and desides to make a international case out of it? too much. Anyone these guys support I will oppose and anyone they don’t want to win, I’ll vote for. easy as that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Some of the people who have lately infected town meetings with their rantings are thugs and fascists. They don’t belong anywhere near a democratic government. They belong in jail!

  6. chuck curtis says:

    Boncek is one of the crew. He and Pat K were instrumental in the Gleason episode. They attended and interrupted beligerantly the Selectmans meetins. We don’t need this kind running the show. I’m voting for Tammy Murray. She has no baggage. Boncek does, Randall does, and so does Wilson. Lets get away from he past and move forward with positive tones. Fiore is the only choice for the three year.

  7. Watch Your Back says:

    This Priolo guy sounds like he has some real issues, and needs to grow up, before he pulls one of his juvenile pranks on someone tougher or better armed than he is, and he finds his birth control made retroactive.

  8. Your Name... says:

    thugs and fascists. YUP. it’s nice to see somebody lay out in this story what people in this town have been saying for a long time. I wonder who would piss them off more…Wilson or Randall lol?

  9. huh? says:

    This crew doesn’t care about personal politics, they just want somebody who fits in their back pocket. They’d probably be more upset if Randall won simply because Pat K. told him “you are dead in Kingston” a while back. Once you say something like that, you’d better be right.

    Our selectmen are a bunch of wussies and I’d like to see Randall’s ‘no-fear attitude’ back on the board. I don’t know much about tammy murray but I’ve already been told to vote for her by some people I don’t trust…hmmmm?

  10. anonymous says:

    These clowns are going to need to update their playbook because these same old tricks just don’t work anymore!

  11. BonaWolf says:

    I know you don’t make the big bucks yet Brad but why were you complaining when you lead an exciting life like this? I’d trade my office job in Buffalo for the chance to do what you’re doing in a New York Minute! It’s good to have a zero tolerance policy towards this type of bologna and you’re building a record of not backing down to bullies and thugs. THAT WILL help you out in the future Brad, trust me. People don’t forget, especially when it’s going to be online forever.

    St. Bonaventure School of Journalism represent!!!


  12. another Bona wolf says:

    Brad, it’s Bri from bonas man. Saw this shared on CW’s wall and I couldn’t resist because I must admit that I’ve been following your site with some frequency from the city of brotherly love.
    No brotherly love in Kingston though, is your town where all of America’s pissed off old white dudes are hiding? I don’t know any of these people but I read about them and I’m always shocked by the new lows. How can they get any lower I ask, full well knowing they can.
    Glad to see you’re feeling better dude, keep on the mend and go bonas! (HAHA)


  13. Anonymous says:

    @Bradford Randall -> Just because the opposition are thugs and fascists doesn’t mean your Dad’s going to cakewalk onto the Kingston BOS. Also, but more importantly, I don’t think it is fitting and proper that you are using this forum as a free campaign ad. Your comments are self-serving and way off-topic. The topic is thugs and fascists. Tighten it up trooper!

  14. Your Name... says:

    This is the sentence from the Casna story that sent Priolo and Kelleher into a rage…..if you blinked while reading might have missed it….truly amazing isn’t it?

    “If Cappola, who isn’t even in the Journal’s file-photo database, completely embarrasses himself with a Glenn Priolo-like showing…Fiore is still in the game.”

  15. Anonymous says:

    …Oh by the way…I do think Mr. Priolo’s concrete dumping episode was political brilliance! But as to him being on Kingston BOS..that’s another matter entirely! He’d have to bring a lot more to the table than a pile of rubble!

  16. Publius says:

    Having now had a few moments to reflect on this situation, and my initial knee jerk reaction was pretty much the same as everyone else who has posted above, but, after a time for reflection, I began to wonder if by making this story front page news we weren’t actually playing into the hands of these folks. It appears they quest for nothing more than attention. Whether it was Mr. Kelliher’s actions at the BOS meeting or Mr. Priolo;s dumping on the town hall lawn or the panel truck on his front lawn, such actions are clearly to draw attention. Yes it is sophamoric, akin to toilet papering someone’s home, but it must be clear to these individuals that such actions will not intimidate anyone and certainly not resolve anything. So have you played directly into their hands by lavishing some much attention on them, most likely, but I cannot throw stones at your actions since most everyone, given the circumstances, would have reacted in basically the same manner.

  17. Biggus says:

    Stay classy Kingston! It’s like a trailer park out there.

  18. Comments? I only had one….and self serving? Why? Because I said my father was a war veteran? Please read over my earlier comment and tell me how it is self-serving at all anonymous…

    That and I don’t think Priolo/Kelleher necessarily wanted this type of attention. Who would?

  19. And if Dennis’ opposition truly were “thugs and fascists”–I certainly would hope he’d walk onto the BOS.

    R. Lindsay Wilson isn’t a “thug” or a “fascist”…Tammy Murray-Cousins seems like a very nice woman herself…and while I do disagree with a lot of what Mr. Boncek does, I think it’s going a little far to call him a “fascist.”

    Last year, Tom Calter said something to me I’ll never forget…he said “I feel good about good politics…it’s okay to disagree but we don’t have to be uncivil or send out garbage, or play that silly game. If I ever have to do that I’ll go back into business.”

    Tom was so right…good politics…and what happened with Mr. Priolo and Mr. Kelleher was NOT good politics. It was uncivil, they sent out garbage and played a silly game.

    I believe they needed to be exposed for their nasty little routine.

  20. and honestly…I just don’t want Mr. Priolo to return to my families house ever again. I care FAR less about a dumb election and so far, so good. No Glenn.

    If that’s self serving- so be it. I can take my lumps…unlike some…

  21. Bothered says:

    Thanks, There’s 10 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. What a waste of time.

  22. Glenn Priolo says:

    Just this one time, I would like to set the record straight. I did not blow this situation out of proportion, I knocked on the door of the Kingston Journal’s so-called “editor” to tell him not to bring me back into the circus you people call Kingston politics. I respectfully asked his mother to have him call me. I don’t know this man and I have spoken to his father maybe twice. The only true statement in this article is what I think of him and his kid. Any conversation he had with Pat is between them, and though Pat is my friend, they always seem to call him instead of contacting me directly. As for the Journal, these two guys clearly have an agenda and are using it to get Casna and Randall elected by publishing lies and half-truths about everyone they write about. The so-called statement that set me off was nothing, and for the record, my whole reason for for running for selectman was to make sure that Randall did not get elected. That way Casna would not have his lap dog licking his boots and voting however he was told to. So, I guess I won: cheap satisfaction, a couple of signs and minimal effort.
    So, to everyone posting on here anonymously, your comments do not matter. I have no respect for anyone making such statements without the courage to even own up to them.
    Pat and these guys who call out the board of selectman are the only reason that we don’t have Gleason voting on important town issues while sunning himself in Florida and a secretary acting as Town Administrator who will do whatever she needs to in order to pad her retirement at the Town’s expense while lacking the proper qualifications for the job.
    So, here’s something new. An actual name, Glenn Priolo and a cell phone number, 781-254-0784. I will gladly sit down and talk to anyone who would like to hear both sides instead of the self-serving rants of the Randalls.
    You guys need to get a life because if a knock on a door bothers you this much, I can’t imagine how sheltered you must be sitting behind your keyboards.
    I do however want to apologize to Mrs. Randall because I did not know this would cause such a hassle at your home. If you want to talk to me, it will be done directly. This is the only time I will write on this ridiculous blog.

    -Glenn Priolo

  23. Chuck Curtis says:

    It’s time for some change and I’d say that happens with the likes of Tammy Cousins for One Year and Elaine Fiore for Three. They’ll bring sense that the others haven’t and won’t. We really should have three spots open. Sandy McFalane shouuld be out. She is now playing her political card on the windmills by stating a “distant” cousin is effected. I think the only one effected is Sandy. That play is complete baloney!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Randall. There is a fine line between a thug and a fascist. I don’t think I have to remind you that Mr. Adolph Hitler started out with GOOD politics in DEMOCRATIC Germany, but quickly descended into the sinister realm of thugs and became one of the world’s most demonic fascists. Granted we probably won’t have to worry about the 2-bit thugs infesting Kingston town hall, but just remember that Hitler started out the same way…in a beer hall…the self-serving part of your post is this: “I greatly admire the record of service that exists in his family, and I am hoping to make this the subject of an upcoming story.” What the people understand is that the Randall camp enjoys a free campaign outlet in this online publication, so if you continually publish stories demeaning the opposition, and prop up your father’s candidacy, that’s conflict of interest. I would rather see you take a neutral stand and only debate the issues. If this website turns into 100% Dennis Randal political handout, I’ll steer clear, thank you. Be fair. Be objective. Be real.

  25. Biggus says:

    For someone that only spoke w/Dennis Randall ‘ maybe twice’ and never to his son, Priolo certainly has developed a substantial number of opinions about them. Stay classy Kingston!

  26. Anonymous-

    I think you misunderstood what I was saying…I was saying that I greatly admire the record of service that exists in PAUL BARRY’S family…seeing that his three sons are in the USMC (active duty)…and I’m going to make that the subject of an upcoming feature article.

    I fail to see what Mr. Barry’s sons being in the Marines has to do with my father or his campaign…and I fail to see how writing a feature story about this would be “self serving.” I was contacted not long ago by a man who informed me of Mr. Barry’s three sons…I believe it would be a great story and I was planning to write something about it before this Priolo nonsense ever happened.

  27. “I greatly admire the record of service that exists in HIS family” …. HIS = Mr. Barry.

    Please re-read my post and the context of what I was responding to. I would never write a feature story about a record of service in my own family LOL…yah, just no.

  28. Publius says:

    STOP IT; STOP IT; STOP IT. This is crazy. Does everyone that has an issue with a friend, neighbor or relative believe that they should direct it to the local newspaper and that the local paper will jump all over it in their next edition. If you stick to the facts, as presented, there was no threat between Mr. Priolo and the editor. Just because something happens to you, Denis and or Brad, does not make it any more newsworthy than any other dispute between two other individuals.

    One one hand you have the paper alleging that what they are doing is an exercise of freedom of the press, while simultaneously denying Mr. Priolo his rights under the same amendment to practice his right of free speech. Kindly recall freedom of speech is not the right of someone to say what you want to hear, but, rather, the right of someone to say what you don’t want to hear!

  29. Richard Arruda says:

    Come on Publius, I think you of all people would agree that there’s a big difference between someone showing up at your front door to exercise their right to free speech , as opposed to writing something in a blog or newspaper.

  30. GlowGolf says:

    I would love to see a “town hall debate” type of event on the important subjects before the elections.

  31. Publius says:

    You are, as is often the case, correct Richard.

  32. Chuck Curtis says:

    I have enjoyed being part of this website. There typically isnt a place you can be honest and have an opinion that people actually hear because they have to read. Although there is only a select few actually doing so.

    That being said, I do wish that Mr Randall wasn’t the topic of so much on this site and if it continues the editor should spend equal time with his opponents. Tammy/Elaine for 2013!

  33. Anonymous says:

    I don’t agree that giving your real identity here has any value whatsoever.

    If you or I say something stupid or abusive, we’re still being a stupid and abusive person whether or not we call ourselves by our real names or choose to remain anonymous. Let’s just put that B/S aside once and for all and call a spade a spade.

    Just because you think you’re being a “stand up person” by giving your real name here, and you tell everybody you will back up your words, (which sounds more threatening than anything else to me) doesn’t make what you are saying or doing any more right or wrong.

    Truthfully, given the past episodes of some of the participants in these events, I’d much rather remain “Anonymous” and not have to suffer some thug banging on my door and scaring the hell out of me, my family and/or my elders. Would I stand up in front of any of you and tell you the same things to your faces? Given some of the behavior, probably not, because you simply cannot rationalize with an irrational person.

    I and a whole lot of other people have already “been there and done that” all our lives and suffered the wrath of bullies and good old boys. The problem is not my anonymity or my failure to present my real identity.

    The problem is ignorance because you don’t know how to listen, discuss rationally and civilly and work to reach a compromise.

    You puff up your chests and beat on them and brag about how much of a “stand-up” person you are for giving your real name while all along you still continue to launch and lob personal attacks at anybody who disagrees with your warped opinions, misguided political or personal attack agendas.

    Face to face encounters don’t necessarily ever fix anything if the person you are facing is a bully, not listening, and not willing to give a little to get a little more. As a matter of fact, face to face encounters can actually exacerbate situations and make them even worse. You’d do better to just sit down, swallow your egos, stifle your tongues, and try to somehow get the message into your brain that is coming through to you loud and clear and learn how to listen and process the information.

    The world is an ever changing and challenging place and the old status quos and good old boy networks are dead and gone forever. Your town government is changing and growing up. Learn how to deal with it. Learn how to grow up. Learn how to work within the democratic system of DISCUSSION and COMPROMISE to get what you want.

    If you can’t learn how to do that, you’ll never change a damn thing, and you’ll simply remain the local bully on a pulpit.