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Published On: Fri, Jul 19th, 2013

BOH endorses ‘special commission’ to study adverse heath impacts from turbines, notifies governor

TOWN HOUSE- Kingston’s Board of Health (BOH) has unanimously voted to endorse state legislation to further investigate the possible adverse health impacts of wind turbines, prompting a written BOH letter in support of the legislation sent to Governor Deval Patrick.

The pending house bill (House Bill No. 2048) would create a “special commission” to investigate claims of negative health impacts as a result of living nearby wind turbines. Last Friday, Governor Patrick grabbed local headlines and voiced support for House Bill 2048 on a Boston radio show.

The BOH letter, which is signed by BOH Chairman Joe Casna, was also CC’d to State Representative Tom Calter, State Senator Therese Murray and Deputy Commissioner for Policy and Planning Martin Suuburg.

Bill Kavol, the BOH Vice Chairman, supported sending a BOH letter of endorsement to Patrick at the July 15 meeting on the condition that he wouldn’t have to write it.

“I’m a conservative,” Kavol said repeatedly during the discussion.

Governor Patrick’s office received the BOH letter on July 16, according to Kingston Health Agent Henny Walters.



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  1. Bill Carson says:

    Gov Patrick will not run for re-election and will not run for President in 2016. The Massachusetts renewable energy goal of 2000 megawatts of renewable energy has fallen flat on its face. The governor will be out of office when the panel announces the results .

    We see two megawatt turbines hit by lightning in one week causing massive damage. The Falmouth, Fairhaven, Kingston and Scituate wind turbines all have shadow flicker and noise issues .

    The turbines installed since 2009 all have failing gear box issues. Portsmouth High School in Rhode Island , Princeton, Masachusetts and Otis AFB Cape Cod.

    There is NO good news about these “megawatt” turbines only bad news .It’s time the state or news media woke up and looked at the big picture.

    The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center has spent over 100 million on pushing commercial megawatt turbines into residential locations .The Mass Clean Energy Center is picking up where the “Big Dig” left off !

    How many more failures can the state politicians justify with the commercial wind program in Massachusetts .

    The facts are here .How long before a major industrial accident ? Historically this is how accidents happen and nobody does anything until the accident happens !