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Published On: Mon, Jun 17th, 2013


kavolfeatureTOWN HOUSE- Board of Health (BOH) Chairman Joseph Casna’s decision to open up Monday night’s BOH discussion about the hiring of an acoustical-engineering firm only frustrated the recently re-elected Vice Chairman William Kavol.

“How the hell do you people stay in my country?” Kavol muttered under his breath after Casna reminded his vice chairman that any BOH decision speaks for the board as a whole.

The Journal followed up on Kavol’s comment, asking “what was that?” twice.

Kavol refused to speak to the Journal saying “I’m not talkin’ to you,” while looking at the author of this story. requested that Kavol’s comments be entered into the minutes of Monday night’s BOH meeting, only to be steered away by Casna.

“That’s fine, but frankly I didn’t hear it,” Casna responded to the author of this story. “So, I don’t have any idea. Now, back to our business at hand.”

Kavol also told Duxbury-resident Joanne Levesque, “I might have said, ‘whoever you pick I wouldn’t agree with,’ ya,” when pressed by Levesque about previous comments he’d made about critics of Kingston’s wind turbines.

Kavol narrowly defeated former-BOH member Dan Sapir by an 18-vote margin in a three-candidate race for two available BOH seats. Toni Cushman placed first in the race with 652 votes.


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  1. VernElliot says:

    Ahh yes, the ole Sgt Schultz defense… I hear nothing.. I see nothing!!! Stay classy Kingston