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Published On: Thu, Jan 17th, 2013

Boncek files “formal complaint” after heated Facebook exchange with Christine Haas

KINGSTON- Today, Peter Boncek told that he has filed a “formal complaint” against Christine Haas, the department secretary of the Town Planner’s office, after a heated exchange on Facebook led to insults and accusations Tuesday night.

townlocalsThe incident stems from comments made after the Journal posted a link to the story “THAT’S A WRAP:” Gleason resigning February 15th” on the Facebook page “Town Locals ~ Kingston, MA.”

Hass started the discussion, which is 60-comments long, with the first comment on the Facebook thread and accused Boncek of harassing Selectman Ron Gleason by “driving his motorcycle up and down their street for weeks.”

Haas also accused Selectwoman Susan Munford of “inciting” residents to pound on Gleason’s 17 Foxworth Lane address.


Selectwoman Susan Munford

Munford responded and wrote that she has “never attacked or harassed Mr. Gleason,” and said she “did not incite the matter….[as Haas] portrays.”

Haas wrote back to Munford’s claims that she did not incite harassment. “That is a lie…we have copies of it,” Haas responded to Munford.

After 18 comments, Boncek weighed in and led off by writing, “Christine [Haas], I think it’s time to put the wine away because it sounds like you have had enough to drink.”

Eight minutes later, Haas responded to Boncek and commented, “Peter, you are a liar.”

Five minutes after that, Haas wrote, “time for you to put the drugs away.”

Three minutes later, at 6:50 p.m., Boncek answered Haas. “Christine, you maybe right about me lying because I really don’t know what you’re drinking but you’ve definately have enough,” Boncek wrote.

A minute after that, Haas wrote, “just keep taking your drugs Pete.”

Haas sat down with the Journal in the Kingston Town House today. “Peter [Boncek] was trying to invalidate what I was saying by suggesting that I was intoxicated,” she told the Journal.

Haas said she had not been drinking on Tuesday night.

Photo by Bradford Randall

Peter Boncek

“The comment Peter [Boncek] made in the Journal about caring about Ron’s health pissed me off,” Haas said on Thursday afternoon. Haas also told the Journal that her family is “close friends” with the Gleason’s.

Haas told the Journal that she believed Boncek is the author of, a message-board formatted blog devoted to providing commentary on local politics. “They went after our personal mortgage statements and sewer connection on,” Haas told the Journal.

Boncek, who did not provide the Journal with a copy of the complaint, says he filed the complaint because he feels that Haas violated the Town of Kingston’s “Professional Conduct Policy,” which was approved in 2008.

Boncek stated that if he does not hear a response to his complaint within a week, he will address the issue during open forum at next week’s selectmen meeting.

Acting-Town Administrator Nancy Howlett confirmed that Boncek had filed a complaint. “Town labor counsel is reviewing it,” Howlett said.




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  1. Any Mouse says:

    So… Peter files a complaint against Christine Haas because of a FaceBook exchange – this shortly after calling the cops on Janette Gleason for arguing with him in the town house.

    Sounds like Peter has issues with women standing up to his bullying.

    Just saying…

  2. Peter Boncek says:

    First thing I’d like to say is to “MOUSE”. I won’t hide behind a made up name when posting something. Second thing “MOUSE” I was not arguing with Mrs Gleason. It was an unprovoked verbal obscenity attack on me that was witnessed by four people, one being the reporter by the above article and was reported to the police for doumentation against possible future false accusations as Mrs Gleason has been known to do.

    As for Christine Haas’s unprovoked libelous attacked, it was just not on me but directed to Sue Munford and Pat Kelleher as well. I think you should look up the definiton of bullying. Try reading the whole post before you make judgements on people.

    I’m sure due to space constraints is the reason why the whole thread wasn’t printed instead of just the partial exchange between Haas and myself but there were at least 8 other people on that thread regarding the issue.

    Here is the first post of that thread:

    Christine McDonnell Haas: “It was very obvious to the most casual observer that Ms. Munford and Mr. Boncek and Mr. Kelleher were very concerned about Ron Gleason’s health issues during all those open forums. They continued to harass him and his family by driving by their home, invading his privacy, and following him and his family around town. Mr. Boncek driving his motorcycle up and down their street for weeks. Pounding on Bob Gleason’s door at the request of Sue Munford on the Town FB Page. Inciting people to the levels this got to, was caused by a cop. Sue Munford. Ron Gleason suggested the February resignation. Not any of you. He offered it weeks ago.”

    Peter Boncek
    Resident of Kingston

  3. Chuck Curtis says:

    Calling someone a drunk in the middle of a debate is not very professional.

    I didn’t see miss Haas filing against Mr Boncek for such.

    I think we’ll see past postings support miss Haas’ claims. Initial threads suggested we all go to Mr Gleason’s door and give it a knock.

    I’ll let the private investigators of FB-Kingston go find it. Maybe they can get pictures of me typing under an alias.

  4. Peter Boncek says:

    Chuck (if that’s your real name),

    I never called Christine Haas a drunk.

    I insinuated that maybe she had too much to drink and if you want to talk about professionalism please remember who started the unprovoked attack.

  5. chuck curtis says:

    Mr boncek…that is just as bad. You need to listen to yourself. You have caused as much if not more controversy in the last 6 months than anyone in history. I believe you are as well. Another treasure trove of inaccuracy, innuendo and outright attack.

  6. Any Mouse says:

    I’ve known people like Peter all my life.

    Back in my school days they were the ones who raised their hands to tell the teacher that Sally had candy in class.

    They were the school yard bullies and self appointed authority figures who would threaten, shove, and tattle their way to a position of power.

    Just follow a bully online (if you can stomach it). You’ll find a very angry man.

    Peter loves the spotlight. He has a blog filled with insults and personal attacks. It was a nasty smelly mass of self-righteous hatred and outrageous self-promotion.

    This guy is the first to find fault in others and the last to see it in himself.

    And like most bullies – he can dish it out but can not take it.

  7. Biggus says:

    Remember when people used to argue face to face?

    I miss the good old days.

    Stay classy, Kingston

  8. Peter Boncek says:

    Well Chuck believe what you will. I only wish I had thought of the idea of because I enjoyed reading it and it opened my eyes to a lot of things going on in this town. As far as controversy I don’t think there’s been more controversy than the ill management of the town of Kingston over the past year or so but that will change this April when there are two new people (maybe three) on the Board of Selectmen.

    In response to MOUSE. Your trying to get a rise out of me isn’t working. Like I stated earlier I’m not hiding behind a fake name. I do however feel sad for you because after reading you last comment it appears that you’ve been bullied all your life and probably still are. I truly believe nobody should have to live like that. I wish you well.

  9. chuck curtis says:

    Pray tell, three open seats? Do you know something or are you going after someone.else? Any mouse knows you and has for sometime. Boy did he/she hit the nail in the head.

  10. Chuck Norris says:

    3 open seats? uhhhh…i’m glad chuck Curtis caught that too…Peter…what do you mean 3 seats? please explain…you don’t just say something like that!

  11. Peter Boncek says:

    Wow! Now I’ve got two Chucks posting with only 6 minutes in between posts.

    Chuck C, your last comment makes no sense at all, please explain.

    Chuck C & Chuck N, I never said there were three open seats. You both should really stop assuming things and start concentrating on what you read.

    I’ll tell you what. When actually become man/woman enough to use your real name I’ll explain. Have a great weekend.

  12. Any Mouse says:

    Bully Boy Boncek (January 18, 2013 at 2:52 PM):

    “…that will change this April when there are two new people (maybe three) on the Board of Selectmen.”

    Chuck Norris January 18, 2013 at 8:31 PM:

    “…what do you mean 3 seats? please explain…”

    Bully Boy Boncek January 18, 2013 at 11:06 PM:

    Chuck C & Chuck N, I never said there were three open seats

    Typical. When called out a bully resorts to knit-picking and splitting hairs. And then to implied violence and/or threats.

    Gotta love it. “…become man/woman enough to use your real name I’ll explain.”

    Our bully friend wants to know who you are and where you live. Maybe he will then pay a visit, Mano-a-mano, and have a happy face to face chat.

    Remember that old hateful blog that our ‘friendly’ bully used to promote himself and his candidacy for several offices?

    The blog owners and bully never used their real names when trashing others.

  13. Chuck Norris says:

    Hmmmm and you posted at the same time as Biggus. (?) By the way, look at your 2:52PM post you knucklehead…you said (maybe 3). Mr Boncek, it’s time to step away, you don’t even know or remember what you are posting. That reminds me of the guy who begins to believe his own lies.

  14. chuck curtis says:

    Somehow my post came up Norris. I am not both. Previous post with hmmmm is me chuck.Curtis

  15. Anonymous says:

    Somehow my post came up Norris.

    I am not both. Previous post with hmmmm is me chuck.


    Moderator’s Note: Chuck Curtis and Chuck Norris are two different individuals posting from different two different ip addresses.

  16. Richard Arruda says:

    Just to clear up the question of who big bad Pete is making reference to in his response to Chuck. We all know it’s me your talking about but I understand from your supposed friends that your unsure what would happen if you went ahead and started a recall petition against me. Good luck Pete, just keep digging the hole. :}

  17. Rob says:

    What a embarrassing mess

  18. Publius says:

    All I want to know is how did Peter run his motorcycle up and down in front of Ron’s house when Ron’s house is in Florida?

    I don’t drink, used to, maybe I’ll go back, it sorta seems like fun.

    Just an aside to Christine, it might be better if you said you were drinking the old vino.

    After all we’ve all been there done that, and it makes a great excuse.

  19. Publius says:

    Well Rob:

    You are right this town is an embarrassing administrative mess. Question is why?

    Well let’s start at the top. You will never meet a more accommodating guy than Joe Casna, it is both his sword and his poison.

    C’mon Joe does this town have nothing better to do than have the same soap opera every week, personality conflict, after personality conflict, after personality conflict. Learn to use the gavel Joe. Now we have this “formal complaint” on the horizon about something that didn’t even happen during the course of the employee’s employment.

    Where is the town administrator. Have her deal with it and get it out of the papers.

    Second to Mr. Bonsek and Mr. Kelliher, although I have not met either, keep your personal problems where they belong. As low key as possible. Kindly stop vying for “face time” at every Selectmens’ meeting. If you don’t like Ron Gleason, fine; but the rest of the town has no need to know that. Yes, you did fight the good fight in court but as soon as Mr. Gleason submits his formal resignation that party is over.

    Same for the Board of Health. Why the dog and pony show over the windmills. Look you have people complaining about their health, including a woman who obviously should have extraordinary concerns and should get extraordinary consideration .

    To hell with the legal concerns; it appears at times our counsel is more concerned with avoiding having to appear in court than anything else. Bite the bullet and shut the dam things down until we have the answers.

    If someone had a rattle snake ranch on Prospect Street. where some of the flicker and noise concerns are based, and the snakes started to escape it appears our Board of Health would want a study done on the possibility of someone getting bit before they would take any action.

    So please Selectmen and BOH please take a lesson from Mr. Bouchard and the Planning Board about how to conduct your business and stop with the time for accusations, personality conflicts, and the like. Open forum was not created, intended or exist as a forum for personal agendas.

    It was put in place to the permit the Selectmen to hear from citizens of the town about conditions or issues that the Board of Selectmen might not be unaware of, not for a weekly presentation.

    Put an end to those practices and please get on with the more important business the town has, such as maintenance of existing infrastructure, our personal property and real property taxes, improving the way the town conducts its day to day business, the selection of a new town administrator, and police chief and the like.

    Stop wasting valuable time on matters that are quite literally nothing more than a tempest in a tea pot.

    Thank you

  20. Anonymous says:

    While this is certainly entertaining political theater (and that’s ALL it is), the sad reality is that while we’ve had our time wasted on watching it, two people (and you know who you are) have hijacked Kingston’s democratic process mostly for personal “face time” and turned into a battle of thugs.

    This is blatant fascism. We’re a democracy. We don’t let thugs rule. Sit down and shut up or get the hell out of the room.

    The last post before this one is right.

    Gavel the loudmouth fascists, and if they don’t come to order have them removed. We’re tired of watching their antics.

    None of it is any good for Kingston. The two loudmouth fascists have disrupted this process and done more damage to Kingston than any and/or all members of the board of selectmen ever did.

    Step back away from the cameras and microphones, shut up, look within yourselves and grow up.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Here’s what proves the process is being hijacked. One of the fascists has already planned his next distractive disruption attack:

    “….stated that if he does not hear a response to his complaint within a week, he will address the issue during open forum at next week’s selectmen meeting…..”

    Why does this belong in open forum? What does it have to do with the town of Kingston? It’s a personal matter, complain about it on YOUR time.

    You had an argument with somebody on Facebook, big deal, happens every day. It is just like the argument you’e just had here in this KJ forum.

    Absolutely no difference.

    Are you going to also issue a formal complaint against the people “attacking” you here in the KJ forum?

    Please grow up.

  22. chuck curtis says:

    Where does one file a “formal complaint?”.

    Is it allowed on against employees or can it be against appointees like a member of wage and personnel?

  23. Publius says:

    All of the three posters immediately before this are right on the money.

    Hey look if your the guy, or the gal, who was always the one who was the first to yell “I’m taking names!” as soon as the teacher left the room you ain’t gonna change your stripes by riding a hog or showing the heat. Grow the err….. hell up.

    What do you do when you have an argument with a guy who makes the pizza, report him to the guy who makes the sauce or if you have an on-line argument with a guy who works for the post office, do you then attempt to make an appointment with the post master general?

    Just because you get in an on line argument with Ms. Haas does no mean that you can infringe upon her right to free speech and to throw down a few, if that was even a fact. She does not have explain her actions to you, her employer, or anyone else.

    When you attempt to intimidate an women who weighs around a (?) number of pounds, about half or less than you, you may consider yourself forewarned and you will find me, and a host of others, not only worthy adversaries; and not in an arena like open forum. but rather when we exercise our franchise at the polls.

  24. Peter Boncek says:

    Mr. Dennehey (might have spelt that wrong), One thing I can respect about you and Dickie is that you are both using a NE that identifies who you actually are. You as Publius and Dickie using his own name when posting a comment.

    What amazes me is that as a lawyer you are making a decision without knowing all the facts of which you definitely don’t have You don’t know the contents of my “formal complaint”. Have you even read the entire thread that started the complaint? You do not strike me to be the type of man who assumes anything. Now if you want to use your right not to vote for a position I’m running for that is your prerogative but I would hope you’d vote for anybody has the experience and desire to hold an office and not base it on how big a person is and a one sided story.

    Oh, and Dickie? You should assume my earlier post was about recall about you because it wasn’t..

    For the rest of the nameless people who commenting, you can call me all the names you like…..and all of you have the gall to tell me to grow up…ya right.

  25. Peter Boncek says:

    Corrections for my comment……should be name not BE.

    When commenting to Dickie it is “shouldn’t assume” not “should”

  26. Anonymous says:

    Message for the board. Here’s how you can stop this crap. Put open forum at the END of the meeting. Right before the open forum, adjourn the board. The board is under no obligation to listen to the open forum, only the recorder. The audience can also be dismissed, then let the open forum rip. That’ll put an end to bickering PRONTO.

  27. Publius says:


    Why, when you control who sees your complaint, and who doesn’t, why don’t you make the substance and content of your complaint available? If I don’t have the facts on which to base my opinion it is because you did not release them, please do. By the way anytime I am included in the same breath with Mr. Arruda I am pleased.

  28. Kingstonia says:

    He doesn’t make the complaint available…then calls the story one-sided…huh?

  29. chuck curtis says:

    This thread should be copied to Facebook. Anyone know how?

  30. GlowGolf says:

    Hahaha, …I don’t blame Gleason for hightailing out of here sooner than later. All we can hope for now is that Gleason has some dirt on these townies and we get a whole new town gov’t. They all need to go.

  31. QuackingDux says:

    My my my, seems like the name calling never stops in this town.

    Question: how does anything ever get done in Kingston if these guys can’t even get along online. Fat chance anybody will make nice now that complaints are filed. Just another dumb little tribal family feud. Maybe people should just say sorry to each other and move on. Isn’t that they way things like this are supposed to be settled?