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Published On: Tue, Jun 18th, 2013

DIRTY WIND: New Ruiz “editorial” suggests wind-turbine critics are Tea Party affiliated

ktownturbineKINGSTON- “The attack on clean energy has taken on the characteristics of a classic propaganda campaign, based on fear and innuendo, and bullying tactics against clean energy developers and their supporters,” reads one line from a letter labeled as an “open editorial” written by Kingston Wind Independence (KWI) Turbine co-manager Kially Ruiz.

The first two sentences in Ruiz’s editorial–which has not been published until now–read, “within the past couple of years we have witnessed a backlash against clean energy both in Massachusetts and across the country. This movement has coincided with a strident tea party movement that is suspicious of clean energy in general.”


Kially Ruiz obtained Ruiz’s two page, single-spaced letter yesterday evening shortly after reporting an email asking local wind advocates to “spread the word” that the Clean Energy Center’s recently-released flicker study is “nonsense.”

Ruiz’s editorial also turns its sights on Deval Patrick, accusing the two-term Massachusetts governor’s administration of failing to lead.


Governor Deval Patrick

“Leadership from the Patrick administration has been sorely lacking in terms of standing up for the benefits of renewable energy sources, in particular wind power,” Ruiz’s letter reads.

Ruiz also alleges that Governor Patrick and the Department of Environmental Protection policies have resulted in a “double standard against wind turbines that has created a chilling effect on the industry.”

Also according to Ruiz’s letter, recently “developers and financiers called the wind industry ‘dead’ in Massachusetts” at an annual wind conference in Chicago.”

“The [wind] projects that were built under the encouragement of the Patrick administration should be grandfathered to the same standards that apply to coal, natural gas, and nuclear power plants today,” Ruiz concludes at the end of his editorial before describing the KWI Turbine’s produced electricity as “a significant achievement and victory.”

The Journal has decided to publish Ruiz’s editorial, in its entirety, as an attached PDF file below.




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  1. Ruiz needs a professional PR firm & a decent lawyer says:

    Mr Ruiz has done it again, each and every letter he sends to our town or state officials is an exercise in how NOT TO COMMUNICATE IF YOU WANT A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OPERATION..

    He has a habit of pretty much offending everyone involved who wants to fully investigate resident complaints, and those who want to assure that public health and private property rights are protected as a priority. His communication strategy makes no sense…here he compliments the governor then insults him. not smooth at all.

    To continue to use a “reaction formation” which is basically blaming others for that which you are guilty of …bullying for instance…providing falsehoods…

    There is no attack on clean energy, that is a myth…

    The push back is on the existence of a negligently sited industrial wind turbine that is impacting public health our neighbors who live nearby.

    If Mr Ruiz had done his homework, he would have known that in Europe the typical setback is 10 X rotor diameter, in his case that would have been somewhere just under 3,000 feet, not the 600 feet that was approved.

    That he is looking for the Governor to “grandfather in” an obvious nuisance by way of the excessive and invasive noise in addition to the outrageous amount of shadow flicker is really quite arrogant. It appears Mr Ruiz is not used to not getting his own way. This letter amounts to another tantrum in the form of a letter, smooth move.

  2. VernElliot says:

    Now THAT’s comedy. Seriously, this guy seems a little unhinged, dom’t you think? His actions on being in and out of the studies, his ‘ open letters’ especially the last one pretending to be a cease and desist order and his e-mails to people are making me think that there’s more than meets the eye here. Methinks thou protest too much? He keeps stomping his feet like a petulant child who doesn’t get what he wants. Why is it Kingston keeps getting in bed with people like this?

  3. windjammer says:

    Desperate affairs often require desperate measures. Yet the words spewed by Mr. Ruiz that wax poetic to satisfy his desire for the martyr role, paints him as the Court Jester instead. Such a good concept being corrupted by half-wit promoters.

  4. Jamie says:


    Two possible answers to your question of why the town keeps getting in bed with people like this. 1) The people in town making these decisions are not honest and are gaining personally, or 2) the decision makers are suckers that lack the intelligence to realize they were being hoodwinked by greedy developers that care for nothing more than how fat their wallets are.

  5. PUblius says:


    It appears from Mr. Ruiz editorial begs to be tagged an oxymoron. In the first sentence of the fourth paragraph he lauds the Patrick administration for playing a key role in the installation of wind turbines of all sizes. In the first sentence of he fifth paragraph he condemns the Patrick administration for its lack of leadership with regard to alternative energy in general, and wind energy in particular; so which is it?

    Oh, and by the way, asserting that all opponents of alternative energy are members of the tea party is so outrageous and myopic that it does not warrant any analysis, just a comment, DUH!

  6. Bill Heller says:

    I am a pro musician, support gay marriage, pro-choice, and don’t even know how to pronounce Koch as in Koch Brothers. And I am adamantly opposed to industrial wind turbines. Mr. Ruiz is the worst kind of crony capitalist and has no idea what he’s talking about regarding the many good people who have come to learn that IWTs do little to nothing to mitigate climate change, cause legitimate and serious health problems for people, kill way too many endangered and threatened birds and bats, and decimate home values. Ruiz needs to build one 1,000 feet from his home and see for himself what living that close to one means over time.

  7. Jim Wiegand says:

    It has taken 30 long years and finally the color of wind is changing from green to swindled. The growing numbers of people against this industry come from all groups and affiliations. The reasons for this backlash are resulting from the foundation of fraud that built this industry and the reality of what has taken place.

    This green industry has fleeced taxpayers out of hundreds of billions, rigged studies to hide a horrendous avian mortality problem, rigged studies to hide cumulative impact to species, rigged studies to hide declining property values, rigged studies to hide the infra-sound problems, embellished energy projections, paid off influential people, rigged renewable portfolio standards, changed laws to perpetuate their fraud, and suckered millions with false hope……. All this deception for just a small supplement to the grid.

  8. Jim Wiegand says:

    Everyone should also read the article below because this tragic scenario plays out everyday all over the world but witnesses are rarely present. It is an article about the wind turbine’s path of extinction I keep writing about……….Birdwatchers see rare swift killed by wind turbine

    Bird safe wind turbines like the FloDesign wind turbine and others will not be ready for years. Most of this problem is deliberate or corruption related. These bird safe turbines will be delayed for as long as possible because the industry is still making a fortune off their product line of killers……………. Bird and bat killers that have been insulated with bad science, fraudulent studies, sellout conservation groups, and corrupt politicians.

    But as the article points out no birds are safe, not even the fastest birds left on this planet.

    Wind turbines will drive dozens of species to extinction in the near future. This is why the public has to get more involved, otherwise this highly destructive business will never be changed.

    If by some chance the public does turn this around and a major effort is made to bring back some of these species, NOT ONE DIME should ever go to the Conservation groups like Audubon or the Sierra Club because of their role in this destruction. I have a strong feeling they will shove their way to the head of the line and be the first with their hand out.