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Published On: Tue, Jun 25th, 2013

DON’T SLEEP ON GAVIGAN: Dave Gavigan caught on tape dozing off at Planning Board meeting

TOWN HOUSE- The errant siting of Kingston’s supersized wind turbines has left some town residents to ask if the Kingston Planning Board was asleep at the wheel when the site approval process for the turbines went through without a hitch in 2011.

Well, funny story…

The Journal’s cameras were rolling on Monday night as recently re-elected Planning Board-member Dave Gavigan dozed off–at least five times–during the Planning Board’s long-awaited discussion about shadow-flicker regulation.

Gavigan, who couldn’t help awkwardly looking directly into the camera every time he startled back to life, ran unopposed for re-election this April to walk into a second-consecutive term on the Planning Board.

We didn’t ask Gavigan if it was the soothing Southern accent of Town Planner Tom Bott or the sweltering summer heat that was causing him to crank out the yawns…but whatever the cause of Gavigan’s hypersomnia…we recommend that Gavigan picks up a Red Bull before the next meeting.

To see the Journal’s reel of Gavigan’s public cat naps for yourself, click play on the video at the top of this story.


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  1. who can blame him says:

    this is exactly how the turbines were approved with no due dilidgence…tom bott spoke in circles and put every one to sleep.

    i feel bad for mr gavigan…mr bott is full of bull…this is the “standard” he says… that is his favorite word, a word that means nothing and does not stand up to scrutiny…there are no standards mr bott…you sold the town down the river without a paddle…nice work…keep digging

  2. VernElliot says:

    Way to stay involved Gavigan. I can see how committed you are.

  3. Dan S. says:

    Some may say Dave was just testing his eyelids for holes. Others may say he was simply re-creating the flicker effect.
    Don’t worry Dave, Bott’s filibusters have that effect.