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Published On: Thu, Mar 7th, 2013

Joseph Casna, Elaine Fiore join crowded race for 3-year BOS seat at last minute

Photo by Bradford RandallTOWN HOUSE- Joseph Casna (pictured) has pulled nomination papers and will seek a second term on the Board of Selectmen (BOS), joining a field populated by four other candidates which now includes Finance Committee Chairman and Sewer Commissioner Elaine Fiore.

“I want to continue to serve Kingston and its residents on a number of issues that have been brought to the BOS,” Casna’s statement reads.


Elaine Fiore

Casna’s statement to the Journal lists four main reasons for his re-election bid, with the first reasons being the search and selection process for a new town administrator and the implementation of a School Resource Officer at Silver Lake Regional High School.

Thirdly, Casna addresses complaints about Kingston’s wind turbines and writes that he “promises to continue to hear the concerns of residents with quality of life issues, and to work towards a resolution.”


BOS-candidate David Kennedy

Lastly, Casna said he wants to continue “keeping an eye on expenses” and “providing support to department heads and employees in their continuing effort to provide exceptional services to the Town of Kingston and our residents.”

Casna was first elected to the BOS in 2010 and also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Health and the Chairman of the Rent Control Advisory Board.

Several days ago, The Boston Globe published an article detailing Casna’s initial hesitancy to run for a second term on the BOS.

Photo by Bradford Randall

Fmr. Police Chief Joseph Rebello

“I’ve been in the storm’s center,” Casna told Globe reporter Robert Knox last week.

Casna is the fifth candidate to pull nomination papers for the three-year BOS seat and joins Fiore, former-Police Chief Joseph Rebello, Finance Committee-member David Kennedy and Sam Cappola.

Cappola, Fiore and Casna will have until Monday to return completed nomination papers with Town Clerk Mary Lou Murzyn.

Fiore, who will also be on the ballot seeking another term as Sewer Commissioner, has not yet released a statement to

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  1. Casna, say what? and why? says:

    This is just 1 example of how Joe Casna has NOT properly handled the responsibility of elected office, especially when it comes to looking out for residents health and well-being…he has FAILED miserably…people are suffering…he has had since last May to do something…he has chosen to do nothing but stonewall and mislead…where is the sound meter, Joe? crickets anyone?

    Joe Casna
    to Doreen
    Good morning Doreen, Henny is out sick today, however, I am working toward having equipment installed ASAP as I beleive it will be helpful to all of us. Joe

  2. Chuck Curtis says:

    Well finally we have a choice. Elaine Fiore is probably the only one in town that can handle this job. She will put that Board back into shape in a minute. They’ll all want to follow her and listen to what she has to say becasue she is always prepared. I now feel comfortable going to the polls. Maybe with another true professional like Lindsey Wilson we can get our town under control and headed in the right direction.

  3. itza metzel says:

    Chucky C, you’re preachin to the choir on Elaine

    As far as Lindsay Wilson? Sorry guy but you were right about one thing. Wilson is a professional—a professional self server. Just write in Mary O’Donnell for the 1 year seat if you are going to go with Wilson because thats basically who you’ll be voting for anyways by voting for Wilson. I’d rather have a selectmen that channels angels and talks to dogs.

  4. huh? says:

    There’S no way in hell that Elaine Fiore would vote for Lindsey Wilson the second. She’ll probably vote for Dennis Randall for the Gleason seat. Lindsey wilson would do nothing but undermine everything Elaine fiore wants to do.

  5. Fiore & not wilson says:

    the way I see it

    Elaine would be able to work with anyone from the 1 year….BESIDES LINDSAY WILSON because Wilson already told us his true colors. Fiore has already shown her compassion with the Kingston residents who were jipped by Ruiz. Dennis, Tammy and even Peter would bbe better choices to work with Elaine. Lindsay Wilson already sold out the town once. How many more times do we need to see it happen? I’m voting for Elaine and Dennis based on how they feel about the turbines. I’ve heard something new from Randall about property value and I know Elaine thinks these horrible turbines are destrustive to all of us

  6. chuck curtis says:

    Ok, I hear all of you. Lindsey Wilson was a big player in the 1021 complex. Remember, the majority in town wanted it and voted for it. It was only because of lawsuits by abbuters and finances that made it go away. LW is seen by many as a professional that stands what he feels best. I would also support Tammy. She seems down to earth, compassionate and concerned, without being played by special interest. Boncek is trouble for all of us. He thinks his way or the highway and that only leads to litigation.
    Now on to the major point….please do not, do not vote for anyone based on one position (turbines). There are many critical issues facing Kingston and we need positive, proactive, informed people in place to make tough decisions going forward.

  7. huh? says:

    You mean LW II is seen by—you—as a professional. Why is that so important? Wasn’t Mitt Romney a professional? I don’t want a select board of squares.

    LW stands for what is best for LW mista Curtis.

  8. Biggus says:

    Between Beaton and Wilson, Kingston would have had to change it’s name to Thorndikeville and they would have sold us cheap. I’ll pass on Wilson thanks very much. Don’t vote on one issue? What, he was for it before he was against it? Puh leese….

  9. Chuck Curtis says:

    You can all question my opinion. That’s fine. But don’t think for a minute that I’m the only person in town with the same thoughts. I’m liking Fiore, Kennedy, Wilson and Cussins. I’m still thinking where I put my mark but have a pretty good idea. Boncek and Randall are not even a thought. Dennis should have stayed away. He’s part of the past, recent enough to be a part of the craziness that currently exists. Boncek hasn’t shown an iota of civility in any of his presentations. He won’t be able to control himself when people don’t agree with him on the board. The Chief should have retired and left things alone. He has played his political game in his previous position and it’s time for something new and he doesn’t have it. I have no idea who this other guy is and he hasn’t made a move in town to introduce himself. Oh well.

  10. please elaborate governor... says:

    Define what you mean by “craziness” Chuck Curtis, because it would go a long way towards understanding your logic. You are so quick to discredit who you do not like. Rebello, Randall-they should all “leave things alone” or “stay away” because they’re “part of the past?” Why don’t we just put them both on an ice float and send them out to sea?

    Of course I’m being sarcastic. I’d like to hear what the candidates have to say before making up my mind. Simply because someone is “part of the past” doesn’t mean they can’t be part of the future.


  11. chuck curtis says:

    Have you not witnessed a Selectmens meeting? There’s no order or.respect from either side of the desk. It’s been a circus atmosphere. There’s no leadership, and its all 5 responsibility. I heard that there are firms that pulled out of consideration for TA job search because of makeup of BOS.

  12. Chuck Curtis says:

    Finding I like Tammy Cousins. She has it together, carries no baggage and is professional. She would work well with Elaine Fiore. Hearing there’s some push to have people drop. If I could find out who’s doing the asking… wonder if Office of Campaign Finance would be interested in that? Or maybe even Ethics.