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Published On: Mon, Feb 25th, 2013


markbeatonTOWN HOUSE- The drama at last week’s Board of Health (BOH) meeting climaxed soon after Mark Beaton, the Chairman of Kingston’s Green Energy Committee, wrapped up his comments on Thursday night.

“We knew the deal as far as flicker goes,” Beaton (pictured) said. “How much would happen, when it would happen.”

Beaton walked away from the podium but couldn’t get away from Leland Road-resident Sean Reilly.

“Don’t leave, Mark. Please,” Reilly said as he pointed at Beaton.

Reilly began asking Beaton where he could access the flicker study that Town Planner Tom Bott alleged was “on the [Town of Kingston’s] Web site” earlier this month in a report.

This month, the Journal discovered that no site-specific flicker study had been conducted for the Kingston Wind Independence (KWI) Turbine.

“So they did the flicker study on the Independence Turbine?” Reilly asked Beaton.

An agitated former-Selectman Mark Beaton responded. “They did the study on a wind turbine on the landfill. And we’re talking about a turbine just like we have now.”


The 404-foot tall KWI Turbine along Route 3 in Kingston.

Doreen Reilly, who was also in attendance at last week’s BOH meeting, asked Beaton if the turbine in the Green Energy Committee’s flicker study was the same as the turbine that currently sits atop the capped landfill.

“Same size. It got up to a 1.8 [MW],” Beaton answered, leading Doreen Reilly to point out that the KWI Turbine is a 2MW turbine.

Beaton fired back at the Reilly’s, “you go into the information yourself. Because this turbine is a different machine and it’s much better engineering…[KWI] is an Audi, it’s not a Ford.”

“I’m going to get you the facts,” Beaton said as Sean Reilly stepped in front of the podium and held up a photocopied GoogleEarth map.

“This is a flicker study?” Sean Reilly said to Beaton as he held the docuent. “This is all [Mr. Bott’s] given us.”


Jack Breen

Jack Breen, who was notably perturbed by the loss of order, then slammed his hand down on the table.

“Go on the Web site. It’s there, I’m sorry if you can’t find it,” Beaton said before exiting the room.

Dan Alves, another Kingston resident claiming adverse health impacts from the KWI Turbine followed Beaton out into the hallway. The Journal was present for the exchange, although the camera was not recording.

“This is what you’ve done to our town!” Alves yelled to Beaton as he walked down the staircase.

Beaton walked away but kept exchanging words with Alves. “And I’m proud of it…I wish [Hurricane] Sandy blew it up your ass.”

Much more on this meeting and the recent shutdown of the Journal to come tonight.


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  1. Dan Alves says:

    Good for you Brad. Exposing the truth. I wish the camera was rolling. I had asked him where all the Green Committee minutes were and the flicker study as they must be on record otherwise it is breaking the law. He said they were all there. I told him he was not being honest and many meeting minutes were missing which upset him greatly. I wonder if the ZBA had authority to approve the site without a flicker study? This entire process was rushed and flawed. It will eventually be exposed just like Mr. Beaton.

  2. Biggus says:

    Beaton has always been the consumate fraud. I remember his touching presentation when he was trying to ram 1021 KP down the towns throat where he almost cried at the prospect of his children being able to love in the slums that Thornike was going to build. His green agenda gas caused more wasted dollars in this town. How often do they pull out that little electric car he made the town buy aside from parades? Hes just another enviro nazi fraud that tools around town in a gas guzzler while preaching green to everyone else.

  3. GlowGolf says:

    Seriously tho, does anyone have the financials or flicker studies or any of the regulatory filings that need to be available for the KWI turbine? Where can I find them?

  4. hmmm? says:

    Dear glow golf…you may have found acoustical studies BUT they are seriously flawed and under-predicted the noise impacts. The acoustical study for one did not even state the MassDEP noise regulation accurately!

    Misrepresentation of fact is a premise for revoking the permits!

    Flicker Study – never happened (cherry picked flicker discussion was cut and pasted to create what is labeled a “study”)

    Acoustical Study – seriously flawed, therefore unreliable.

    Decommissioning Bond – town officials won’t confirm that it has not been posted, a clear violation

    three strikes you are out?!?!


    You can find financials online for this Turbine. I read them today. $4160 in lease per month and so far an average of $1700 in credits after NSTAR purchased the energy and KWI takes the lions share. So, Mr Beaton said the Turbine would generate $500K PER YEAR?

  6. contract question? says:

    How exactly did Mr. Talerman set up the contracts to protect public health and safety AND in addition assure the financial revenue to make this all worthwhile,

    Mr. Bott can you answer this most important question, why are you digging your heels in on this boondoggle that is hurting our residents…

    How much does that money translate in to the sacrifice of health and well-being per resident? How much is a good night’s sleep worth per person?

  7. Biggus says:

    Why don’t you ask Nancy Howlett for the contracts? I have a sneaky feeling that you won’t get them under the guise of attorney client privilidge