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Published On: Wed, Jan 2nd, 2013 EDITORIAL: Selectmen race begins…here’s how it unfolded

Before Santa had made his 2012 Christmas rounds in Kingston, the race for selectman was already heating up…two candidates, David Kennedy and incumbent Joseph Casna, announced their intentions for the seat within 24 hours of each other, only two days before Chistmas.



Joseph Casna (Chairman of the Board of  Selectman) is running for re-election in April. believes in full transparency, both within government and within our reporting.

We believe that as soon as information becomes clear, it should be released to the public without bias.

That is our first responsibility as a business.

So, when David Kennedy sent a Facebook message to and “The Kingston Reporter” announcing his intentions to run for selectman….we were excited to let the public know.

My enthusiasm was dashed only a sentence later when Kennedy asked both and “The Kingston Reporter” not to publish the information until he released a statement.

“I wanted you to know before you hear it from someone else,” Kennedy wrote. decided to publish his announcement anyways.

Mr. Kennedy contacted the Kingston media on the afternoon of December 22nd.

That night, the story went up.

At first, Mr. Kennedy contacted and requested that we remove the story from our Web site. “I need to make a statement on Facebook before you,” Kennedy wrote.

Nine minutes later, Kennedy changed his mind.


David Kennedy (Finance Committee) of Copper Beech Drive informed the Kingston media of his campaign on December 22nd.

“Never mind, you can leave it on,” Kennedy said via Facebook.

The next day, contacted the man who holds the seat Kennedy wishes to take.

“I’d like to serve a second term,” Casna told on December 23rd.

That night, we published a story entitled Casna will seek re-election.

It is our belief, as per our mission statement, that information should not be withheld due to a personal request.

“The Kingston Reporter” soon followed up with their own story about Kennedy’s intentions.

They have yet to publish a story regarding Casna’s re-election plans on WickedLocal:Kingston.


Our purpose is clear. Our mission is even clearer. is here to provide our loyal readers with the quickest and most-forthright information once it becomes clear.

It is in that pursuit that we hope to contribute to Kingston elections in a way that is fair to all candidates and, in that interest, we believe that candidates should not present information to the media unless they want it to become available to the public immediately.

David Kennedy told that he intended to run for selectman, and just as he wants to serve Kingstonians, I also wish to serve Kingstonians.

As a reporter, I am a first-hand source.

I wish to serve as the eyes and ears of Kingston.

It’s as simple as that.

When somebody tells me they’re running for selectman, my first instinct is to let my readers know and call the person who occupies the challenged seat.

It’s not necessarily an exciting journalistic protocol, but in this case, it became controversial.

Now, with April’s town elections four months away, the race for Joe Casna’s seat unofficially begins. will release an official election policy, and dates for candidate discussions, on the first day that nomination papers become available this month…but doesn’t have to stop you from contributing to the discussion with a comment below!! wants to know…what issues will you be concerned about when you vote for selectman this April?


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  1. CleanEnergy can still be MeanEnergy says:

    I hope they talk about how the selectmen rushed into the contract on the wind turbines.

    Maybe what we need is a selectman who will stand up for what Kingston is- Kingston is a small town and people move here live peacefully.

    Building massive turbines over Kingston’s skies does no good at all for the people.

    Kingston needs selectmen who will stand up for the people who weren’t consulted before the monstrosities went in!!