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Published On: Tue, Dec 11th, 2012


Tonight, the eyes of the South Shore will be on the Kingston Selectmen.

The spotlight, whether welcomed or unwelcome, has arrived at their feet.

What happens next is anybody’s guess…



: a preview of tonight’s heavily anticipated selectmen meeting :

By Brad Randall

Photography by Brad Randall


6:15 p.m.


Kingston resident Pat Kelleher was an original complainant against Gleason’s residency in October.

It was back on June 22nd when Selectman Ron Gleason, with a smile on his face, told his plans in the event he sold his house.

“We have property in Florida and we’re going to go down there,” Gleason said on a sunny June evening.

Two months later, Gleason sold his house.

Half-a-year and a temporary injunction later, Ronald Gleason still sits on the Board of Selectmen as a trial looms on the horizon.

Open forum for tonight’s selectmen meeting is scheduled for 6:15 p.m.

“I’ll be at Tuesday’s meeting, and I’ll have a few things to say,” Kingston resident Pat Kelleher told on Monday afternoon.

Kelleher was a speaker during a contentious selectmen meeting last October which prompted one selectman to consider calling to police if open forum gets out of control.

After telling “I know [Gleason] doesn’t live in Kingston,” Selectman Dick Arruda threatened calling a police cruiser if there was a repeat of October’s open-forum outbursts.

“You just asked me if there needs to be a police presence at the meetings…there doesn’t need to be unless that happens again,” Arruda said on October 23rd.

The next day, Gleason was removed from the Board of Selectmen, the Planning Board and the Permanent Building Committee after the Kingston Registrars voted unanimously to strike Gleason’s name from the town voter rolls.

The anger that has boiled over during recent open forums has been directed, mostly, towards Gleason.

“I don’t need to be recognized by you because I don’t recognize you!” Peter Boncek shouted at Gleason after Gleason asked Boncek if he had been recognized by the chair before speaking.

Peter Boncek, like Kelleher, is an original complainant challenging Gleason’s residency.

“Why don’t you just shut up for a minute?” Gleason fired back at Boncek.

Since Gleason told Boncek to shut up, a Plymouth County judge has scheduled a January hearing to revisit the proceedings on Gleason’s temporary court-ordered injunction, which kept him as a resident of Kingston temporarily.

Gleason, who has been seen in Kingston this week, reportedly flew back to town from Florida to attend today’s meeting.

Gleason is contesting that he still lives in town, at 17 Foxworth Lane, with his brother.

The question that Gleason has never answered is “why?”

Selectman Ron Gleason speaks with Acting-Town Administrator Nancy Howlett before a meeting.

Why drag the town through a lawsuit that will cost the taxpayers thousands?

Why drag yourself through a lawsuit that will cost YOU thousands?

What’s the point?

The closest we’ve come to an answer was on November 13th when asked Gleason that exact question: why?


Ron didn’t answer. His wife did.

“Because he’s a selectman!” Jeanette Gleason chirped towards the camera as she walked out of view with her husband.

15: That’s the margin of votes that separated Ron Gleason from the selectman he unseated in 2011, Dennis Randall.

15: That’s the number of months Ron Gleason served on the Board of Selectmen before selling his house and moving to Florida.

15: That’s the day next January that a Plymouth County judge will renew proceedings on Ron Gleason’s temporary injunction without prejudice.

So, perhaps, it’s only fitting that tonight, at 6:15, Ron Gleason gets his wish and once again serves the Town of Kingston through a Tuesday night open forum.




Joseph Casna listens to the concerns of a Duxbury resident during a Board of Health meeting on the Kingston wind turbines.

At last week’s Board of Health meeting, Doreen Reilly shouted among a chaotic crowd of residents from the podium to get Joe Casna’s attention.


Tonight, Reilly will be standing before Mr. Casna once again.

Reilly, who is opposed to the Independence Wind Turbine on Kingston’s town landfill, claims to be adversely impacted by flickering of sunlight and residual noise emanating from the turbines.

Since appealing with the Board of Health for an immediate shutdown of the Kingston wind turbines, Reilly has uploaded videos to Facebook showing flicker in her home and in her neighborhood on Leland Road.

The debate about wind power has heated up in Kingston, and several South Shore towns, as citizen complaints against local turbines have piled up.

Tonight, Reilly will be accompanied with a former candidate for selectmen, David Kennedy, as she meets with the Board of Selectmen at 7 p.m.

The only description provided on the selectmen agenda regarding Reilly’s appointment is “wind turbine impacts.”

Reilly and Kennedy have been allotted 30 minutes of time during tonight’s meeting.




Think you have what it takes to be Kingston’s next police chief?

What about town administrator?

Well, good news. Both positions are wide open and ripe for the taking.

Tonight, at 6:30, the suits take the stage in the Kingston Town House as a third and final headhunting firm, MMA Consulting, pitches the town to run the search for the next town admin.

Also on tonight’s agenda, as the first item under “new business,” is a discussion on the retirement of Police Chief Joseph Rebello “and the process for filling the position.”

Rebello has said that he wishes to stay in Kingston after leaving the Kingston Police in January.




(Left to right) Joe Casna, Dick Arruda, Sue Munford and Sandy MacFarlane are the four selectmen that will meet in executive session with Jay Talerman on Tuesday.

When the public portion of tonight’s selectmen meeting finally wraps up, four of the five selectmen will walk into a private room to discuss strategy regarding Ron Gleason v. Kingston Board of Registrars.

Ron Gleason, will get to go home early.

As he drives away from the Kingston Town House tomorrow night, the rest of his colleagues will stay behind for an executive session; discussing how to prove to a judge that Gleason is a resident of Florida.

Last week, Judge Troy set a January court date to reopen the Gleason injunction after Selectwoman Sue Munford argued municipal harm to the Town of Kingston due to Gleason’s actions.

“People are demanding his resignation and that’s the harm [to Kingston], when he’s not there,” Munford said to Judge Troy before adding “there have been threats to call the police.”

Munford is also an intervenor in Gleason v. Kingston Board of Registrars, meaning she was a party in the case.

After last week’s hearing, Munford ominously told Town Counsel “it’s going to get uglier” before leaving the courthouse.

We’ll take the Selectwoman’s words to heart and keep the cameras rolling all night. will be providing our loyal readers with unmatched coverage of tonight’s selectmen meeting. Check back after tonight’s broadcast for updates and analysis.

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