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Published On: Wed, Apr 3rd, 2013

Plymouth Selectman calls Pilgrim “a defacto nuclear waste dump site”

PLYMOUTH- It wasn’t an easy night for representatives from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) at the Plymouth Board of Selectmen (BOS) meeting last evening as the energy mogul was forced to deny rumors that Plymouth has become a regional hub of nuclear waste.

That according to a Patriot Ledger article, written by Chris Burrell, which quoted Selectwoman Belinda Brewster as telling NRC reps “Plymouth is still a defacto nuclear waste dump site” and that “the federal government has let local communities down with regards to nuclear waste issues.”

The BOS demanded better communication from the NRC with contingency plans for possible evacuations and terrorism incidents during an annual assessment of the plant by the federal nuclear regulatory group, according to the Ledger.


NRC image of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant

Brewster was also quoted by the Ledger as stating that Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant has “maxed out” storage pools used to contain highly radioactive material.

NRC reps tried to assure that all was well in Plymouth.

According to the Ledger, that answer wasn’t washing with Selectman Kenneth Tavares. “Since the castropohy in Japan, the mood in our community has changed dramatically,” Tavares was quoted as he referred to the 2011 disaster at Fukushima. “Many of us are not comfortable anymore.”

Along with the Plymouth BOS, residents got to sound off on the nuclear-know it all’s  during the appointment, but according to the Ledger, Tavares said many questions had been left unanswered.

patriotledgerHowever, the Ledger reported that NRC reps quickly shot down any suggestion that Plymouth had become a nuclear-waste storing center and said nuclear waste from Vermont was not shipped to Pilgrim because only spent fuel could be stored on site.

That NRC assurance was of little consolation to a vocal group of Cape Cod residents last night.

The Ledger reports that before the meeting was over, “a vocal group” of concerned citizens from the Cape broke out in chant because they think Pilgrim Power Plant is just too close to home.

“We the people refuse to be radiation refugees. Shut Pilgrim, shut it down!” they chanted.

The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant, within seven and twelve miles of most all of Kingston, was relicensed for another 20 years by the NRC in 2011.

All of Kingston is within Pilgrim’s evacuation zone.


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