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Published On: Tue, Jun 18th, 2013

Less than ten Duxbury residents return beach stickers

zzz2DUXBURY- Over 80 people have taken up Town Manager Rene Read’s (pictured) offer for a full refund on their Town of Duxbury beach stickers, with the vast majority of refund-seeking customers coming from beyond Duxbury’s town borders.

Out of 81 beach-sticker returns, 73 sticker returns have come from out-of-town residents. By comparison, only eight Duxbury residents have taken up Read’s offer for a full refund, totaling out to $22,815 in returned monies for sticker returns.

According to Read, there are still 18 nesting pairs of the federally-endangered Piping Plover on Duxbury Beach and one pair is currently in the area of the second crossover to the beach off of Gurnet Road and still looking to nest. 30 unfledged plover chicks still remain on Duxbury Beach with five plover pairs designated as “due to hatch or suspected re-nests.”

Duxburyclosed“Based on the above plover activity and their current locations there is no change in the original restrictions imposed on Friday June 7th,” Read’s email to the Journal reads.

“Looking into the future there are 2 broods of Plovers due to fledge within the next 7-8 days (at the earliest) or 13-15 days (at the latest) which may allow curtailing of restrictions imposed at the 2nd crossover and may open a small portion of the 2nd crossover (to the south of the ramp),” Read writes.

Read says that, based on the current information at disposal, Duxbury Beach could be reopened by June 25 depending on brood locations, weather and tidal conditions.


Duxbury-resident Bruce Fenton (right) submitted a petition with hundreds of names demanding a solution to the closure of Duxbury Beach. But since offering full refunds, only eight Duxbury residents have returned their stickers to Duxbury Town Manager Rene Read (left).

“The area opened could run South to approximately the Southern edge of High Pines (at the northern edge of the sacrificial dune) as there are 3 broods to the south between High Pines and the 3rd crossover,” Read wrote to the Journal. “Again this possible opening is 7-8 days off (from today) at a minimum (Tuesday, June 25, 2013).”

Read suspects that if the second crossover is opened “there will likely be daily restrictions as we meet the number of off-road vehicles that I approve within the area.”

According to Read, “if the 18th pair nests within the area of the 2nd crossover there could be restrictions farther down the calendar once hatched,” which could extend into July. “As of today Massachusetts Audubon and myself have not located a nest for pair 18.”

If the worst case scenario for sticker holders comes to fruition, Duxbury Beach will be closed until July 15 according to Read.

Stickers for Duxbury Beach cost $295 for out-of-towners and $160 for Duxbury residents.




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