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Published On: Mon, Jun 17th, 2013

PUPPETMASTER: KWI’s co-manager giving marching orders to Pine duBois, Mark Beaton

KINGSTON- Many have suspected it for months, but now a June 14th email–sent out by Kingston Wind Independence (KWI) Turbine-co manager Kially Ruiz–confirms that KWI’s opinionated co-manager has been giving marching orders to a fraction of Kingston’s political elite who still vehemently defend Kingston’s controversial wind turbines.


Kially Ruiz (right) sits with his lawyer at a BOH meeting.

In the email, Ruiz responds to a Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (CEC) flicker study which found that some residences in Kingston receive over 80 hours of shadow flicker annually.

“Mark [Beaton] and Pine [duBois] please spread the word [the CEC’s flicker study] is largely nonsense,” Ruiz writes in the scathing email.

Complaining Kingston residents were originally told by both Ruiz and Green Energy Committee Chairman Mark Beaton that the KWI Turbine produced no more than 30 hours of flicker per year.


Mark Beaton is the Chairman of the Green Energy Committee

“CEC should be ashamed to put this kind of work of fiction in front of serious folks like the Board of Health,” Ruiz writes in the email. “Garbage in = Garbage out.”

Ruiz asserts that the CEC’s flicker study, which was released last week, had a compromised methodology that “is not realistic at all.”

According to Ruiz’s email, “[the study] assumes the wind turbines operate 8600 hours per year when in reality…the wind turbine operates only 5900 hours per year.”


Kially Ruiz co-manages the KWI Turbine in Kingston along Route 3

“So off the bat you have to take all the numbers reported and cut them down by 32%,” Ruiz writes.

Ruiz also details concerns with the CEC flicker study’s assumptions regarding exaggerated wind speeds and sunshine estimates.

“There are many more such silly assumptions in this report,” the co-manager’s email reads, “and if the consulting company would summarize their assumptions right up front, I am sure we will find many more that do not square with reality or common sense.”

Along with Beaton and duBois, Ruiz’s June 14th email was sent directly to the CEC’s Peter McPhee and CC’d notable names like Mary O’Donnell, Town Planner Tom Bott, Health Agent Henny Walters and Town Counsel Jay Talerman.


Pine duBois (formerly) on the Green Energy Committee

Mark Beaton and Pine duBois, who are the only two names mentioned specifically by Ruiz, formerly served together on Kingston’s Green Energy Committee until duBois’ sudden resignation from town government this spring. Several months prior, duBois was busted for a massive ethics violation by state agencies and forced to pay a $2,500 fine.

Beaton remains the Chairman of the Green Energy Committee.

The Board of Selectmen will be discussing the Green Energy Committee as part of their agenda during tomorrow night’s selectmen meeting at 7 pm in the Kingston Town House.

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  1. the KWI team includes town officials that has been obvious says:

    Mr Ruiz sure had a hand in writing the recent letter Mark Beaton read aloud at the recent BOH meeting!

    Mark Beaton doing Mr Ruiz’s bidding with town officials, at the expense of residents who have been suffering, all around a disgrace!

    Code of Ethics violations too many to name.

    The only good sign is the election of some new members to the BOS that will be put to the test to see if the protection of residents rather than the protection of negligently sited turbines will take priority at long last!

  2. Publius says:

    Hello Brad, nice to see you back, for myself you were sorely and sadly missed. I have comments that I need to post but this is not just yet as more research is needed. again welcome back!

  3. VernElliot says:

    This town is sick of Beaton and Dubois. Beatons selling out of the town to Thorndyke is still a bad taste in lots of peoples mouths and his attitude of citizens as pliebs is growing tiresome. No one forgets that Pine Dubois is costing EVERYONE who pays property taxes more than they need to because of her stacking town meetings with her enviro-nazi pals to defeat the rollback of the CPA taxes. Niether of them have the good sense to put citizens first and causes second.

  4. to mr ruiz facts are nonsense says:

    odd thing is, the shadow flicker assessment results which provide the number of “Real Case Hours” residents can expect to receive matches up pretty closely with what has been testified to…so if we follow logic here

    a company uses the wind-pro computer model to predict shadow flicker on homes (they left out for some reason an analysis for the whole property as requested which would have extended the exposure time, hmmmm) the company, EAPC, comes up with a listing of “Real Case” estimates for each structure

    the numbers match up pretty much to what residents have testified to

    yet to mr ruiz they both constitute nonsense…the residents are spewing nonsense & the company that did the study that confirms the resident’s experiences and the massive amount of shadow flicker…

    remember of course, mr ruiz’s mocked up ggogle earth map showing shadow impacts that he tried to pass off on our town officials? well it appears the real nonsense was contained in that document. the real nonsense has come from one direction…out of the mouth of mr ruiz and his defenders (think mark beaton & company) the nonsense in his report, doctored up and passed off for credible misrepresented the impacts by 100% to the east of route 3 and actually over estimated the shadow flicker to the west of route 3

    so the question is, when is the nonsense going to stop, and when is this town going to get serious & protect the residents?

  5. CPA Funds says:

    Vern, I thought we did reduce the CPA taxes??