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Published On: Tue, Jan 8th, 2013

Recall buzz heats up as election season nears

totalrecall1KINGSTON- Peter Boncek confirmed reports that he inquired with Town Clerk Mary Lou Murzyn for the text of Kingston’s unique recall bylaw turned legislation, and says he is “doing research” on the recall process.

Boncek, who is the Chairman of the Town Government Implementation Committee, would not specify who, if any, town officials would be the target of a possible recall campaign. However, Boncek said he believed there are current sitting town officials who could be successfully recalled.

Norman Harbinson, who told that he is “strongly considering” a run for selectman yesterday, said that “he knows” Boncek isn’t the only person thinking about a recall and said “a very large group of people” would support a possible recall on select town representatives.

Peter Boncek, who is a sub-contractor working with Harbinson on an private-investigator apprenticeship, speculated that Ronald Gleason w0uld be most likely to be subject of a future recall movement.

Harbinson went on to say that that he did not believe rumors that Selectman Dick Arruda would be the focus of a recall effort.

Kingston’s special recall law, which was written by Daniel Sapir and Dennis Randall, is entitled “An Act Providing for Recall Elections in the Town of Kingston” and was passed into law by the Massachusetts General Court in 1988.

The law requires 100 personal affidavits to be filed detailing complaints against the recall subject, as well as the signatures of 20% of registered voters (nearly 2000 signatures in number) on a recall petition.

Larry Slot, a former Board of Health member, is the only town official in Kingston history successfully recalled from office after he made insensitive comments following the 1990 murder of Melissa Benoit.

Several posters contributed to a Facebook thread about Gleason on the “Town Locals-Kingston, MA” posted by Selectwoman Susan Munford.

After one poster asked if a recall was possible another poster responded,  “I am sure they are starting the process on one, or more, of the [Selectmen].”

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