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Published On: Sat, Jun 8th, 2013

REPORT: No mixed race students at Silver Lake, local schools among least diverse in state

SLRHSKINGSTON- Among 363 public high schools in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Kingston-based Silver Lake Regional High School (SLRHS) ranks second to last, ahead of only Manchester-Essex Regional High School, as the 362nd least diverse public high school in the state.

According to GoLocalWorcester, 97.7% of SLRHS’ 1307 students from Kingston, Plympton and Halifax are designated as white.

Only one school in the state, Manchester-Essex Regional High School, reports a higher percentage of white students than SLRHS—and only one school–#357-ranked Marshfield High School, has a larger student enrollment than SLRHS among the 30 least diverse public schools in the state.


Silver Lake Regional High School in Kingston

SLRHS also reports no mixed-race students, according to the Worcester-based media outlet.

Duxbury High School comes in as the third least diverse public high school in the state with a ranking of 361 out of 363.

Duxbury High’s 963 students are 97.5% white with less than 1% reporting in the categories of two or more races, Hispanic, black, Asian/Pacific Islander and American Indian/Native Alaskan.

Other local high schools topping the list for least diverse are Pembroke High School at #354 and Hanover High at #353.

The most diverse public high school in the Journal’s immediate area of coverage is Plymouth North High School, which ranks #224 out of 363 institutions.

CLICK HERE to see the list of most and least diverse public high schools, published on June 1, 2013, on GoLocalWorcester’s website…


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  1. diversity means what exactly? says:

    Is there a possibility the narrative is being framed improperly. What is “Diversity”? really.

    If I list the cultural backgrounds of my friends and neighbors I get a very diverse list of cultural influnce. Scandanavian, Russian, Armenian, Dominican, Dutch, Irish, Italian, Greek, Brazilian, Cape Verdean, Polish, Indian, Native American INdian, German…and on and on…

    Why is “White” such a broad spectrum of cultures…using these terms seems to skew the statistics.

    As a country I thought we were a melting pot? We all bring something important culturally to the table.

    I am thinking this is a foolish bit of business “diversity”…what does it really mean and who decided what the categories are?

  2. bradford grammer alert says:

    My post left our a critical comma

    Native American (my friend is from the Onondaga Nation) COMMA Indian, my college buddy is originally from New Dehli.

    You used the lack of comma to paint my comment as ignorant…BUT what is ignorant about asking the question…who determines “race” and why? I actually think it is a good question…it promotes conversation.

    Do NOt assume ignorance, assume a legitimate question…skin color is a questionable litmus test for ethnicity…ethnicity is what enriches us…as opposed to what divides us…the fools errand of color