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Published On: Fri, Feb 15th, 2013

Town Admin salary..SOLD! @ “UP TO $125K!”

arrudaamacfarlaneTOWN HOUSE- The Kingston Selectmen are upping the ante for the next town administrator.

The topic of the next Kingston admin’s salary was on the docket Tuesday night, leading the Board of Selectmen (BOS) to unanimously decide on the language “up to $125,000” when advertising the position during the ongoing search process.

Selectwoman Sandy MacFarlane had originally suggested setting the town admin’s salary at $98,000 but found disagreement coming from all sides.

“I think we do need to raise it to get a bigger field of better qualified candidates,” Selectwoman Susan Munford interjected.

MacFarlane responded, saying she believed that a lesser salary would still attract well-qualified candidates, even if they might be younger or less experienced.

Selectman Ron Gleason, serving in on his last BOS session, expanded on Munford’s statements and suggested setting a range of $114,000 to $128,000. “Sue [Munford] is right, we do need to raise it,” Gleason said.

Selectmen Dick Arruda and Joe Casna followed-up by suggesting a wider salary range of $105,000 to $125,000.

After the haggling was done, the BOS unanimously voted to set the range from between $105-125k, but Wildwood Circle-resident Mary MacKinnon chimed in, recommending that the language read “up to 125k.”


Nancy Howlett has been serving as Acting-TA since the July 2012 resignation of Jim Thomas.

“If the ad says 105-125k, what would you expect to get paid?” MacKinnon said to the BOS from her seat in the audience.

The BOS agreed with her proposal, reconsidered their vote and approved the “up to $125k” language unamiously.

Chairman Casna thanked MacKinnon for her recommendations and finished off the discussion saying, “I feel like an auction man.”

The salary decision by Kingston’s BOS comes as the selectmen search for a new town administrator, seeking to fill a position that has been in-termly occupied by Acting-Town Administrator (TA) Nancy Howlett.

Howlett has served as Kingston’s Acting-TA since the resignation of Jim Thomas, last July.

The selectmen also met in executive session  Tuesday to discuss contract proposals from three search firms, all vying to land the job of finding Kingston’s next TA.



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  1. Biggus says:

    Its so easy to spend the taxpayers money isn’t it. And we’ve received SO MUCH for our dollar last two around.