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Published On: Tue, Jan 1st, 2013

Thank You Kingston & Happy New Year!



Dear Kingston,

We humbly thank you for the warm and enthusiastic reception you’ve given

Traffic has grown steadily since we soft launched in July of last year. With your support we’ve finished our last three months with well over 162,000 page views: 38,000 page views in October; 50,000 page views in November; and 74,000 page views in December.

Our first few months of operations were spent building, designing, and re-designing a Web site worthy of Kingston.

Finally, on October 1, 2012 we settled on our final design with the Web site you see today.

In a little more than three months, we’ve published more than 120 news stories and features for Kingstonians; and the response, including 150 posted messages, has been nothing short of terrific. In December, nearly 62% of our traffic came from returning visitors (people who have visited our site one or more times in the past).

We believe that strong newspapers build stronger communities and we are delighted to take our place alongside the Kingston Reporter and WickedLocal:Kingston.

Competition, especially among newspapers, is a healthy thing.

Rivals become stronger and more nimble in the face of competition, and readers are always better served with more than one information source at their disposal.

Our mission, as we enter a new year, is to continue earning your trust with every story we publish. Our responsibility to our readers is to get it right, the first time and every time. Getting it right includes providing enough depth to allow every side of a story to be told without bias.

When it comes to reporting the news we believe in playing poker with all the cards face up.

Kingston has now entered the 24/7 news cycle and breaking news is a special responsibility. We have a duty to follow each story as it develops until it reaches its final resolution.

Kingston has entered a new political season and part of our mission is to provide you with as much accurate information as possible.

We will provide every opportunity for candidates to introduce themselves, and their ideas to the voters of Kingston. We will provide a platform for discussion and we will invite every candidate in a contested race to participate in a freewheeling, but moderated discussion, of the issues facing the office being sought. is here to stay. We are professionals engaged in the business of covering local news for our hometown. As a business we will need the support of the business community as we develop and grow as a newspaper.

Over the next several weeks we will begin to reach out to our commercial neighbors in town with opportunities to support our enterprise while our Kingston business community grows as well.

Again, thank you Kingston. The best is yet to come.

Dennis Randall

Bradford Randall
News Editor

Judy Randall
Production Manager


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