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Published On: Sun, Oct 28th, 2012

The Birth of Graphoanalysis

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The credit and honor of the invention of the American system of scientific handwriting analysis is given to the brilliant, enterprising initiative of Mr. Milton Newman Bunker who was born inKansasin 1892. Mr. Bunker became interested and curious about handwriting when he saw some of his own strokes in the words he wrote as he followed along with the teachings in a course of Graphology which he was taking. Graphology was the popular instruction method in handwriting analysis being offered at that time.

As he followed along in the teachings of the course, he saw that the findings were hit or miss; hitting some truths but making many mistakes and also showing contradictions from author to author.

He found through his own study and research that it was not a letter in a word that had a trait meaning but the strokes in letters of words that identify traits.

The second important and significant finding was that the strokes that are found in handwriting must be identified and evaluated; the strength and weakness of traits must be looked at and determined how they influence each other to bring out the character of the person whose handwriting is being studied and examined. This is absolutely essential as the true and correct procedure to bring the personality out. Mr. Bunker determined that his scientific method of analyzing handwriting, Graphoanalysis, was far more accurate than the holistic procedure which was being practiced in Graphology at that time

Mr. Bunker is honored as the pioneer who rescued the understanding of handwriting analysis from many different meanings, mistakes and misunderstandings and shaped it into a respected, studied and scientific discipline among the professionals in the field who practice Graphoanalysis

Mr. Bunker developed Graphoanalysis in the days before statistical research methods were used and saved. He used the empirical method of forming his opinions and conclusions on the specimens that he did his analyses on. He was successful and went on and incorporated and established the Scientific study of Graphoanalysis and founded the International Graphoanalysis Society in 1928 which is now located inNew Kensington,Pennsylvania. This was the first school in the world that took this approach in recognizing the strokes in a handwriting and further examining and evaluating a Handwriting specimen.

Graphoanalysis is a special copyrighted term that applies only to the system that is taught by the International Graphoanalysis Society. It is a discipline and system of handwriting analysis that can produce scientific validating data, the only one sponsored by a worldwide organization and the only one whose practitioners are required to abide by a Code of Ethical Practice.

The public has generally been aware that there is something to handwriting analysis but most people are not clear on just what can and cannot be determined by examining handwriting.

The act of handwriting is directed by our brain power; i.e., feelings, reasoning, imagination, will, and our conscience. The strokes we make in writing are powered by our brain and brings out our emotional and thinking nature and all the habits we have picked up from the influence of our culture and environment and its impact on us. Our mind defines our personality and we reveal and identify our personal characteristics urging and commanding how we react or not react in certain ways to events that happen in our daily lives.

Our handwriting itself will not predict behavior but it will reveal the potential of an individual; for instance, the person most likely to succeed.

All academic studies and disciplines are unique with respect to the nature of the data and the way it is derived and applied.. This understanding, combined with professional impartiality, objectiveness and intelligent knowledge bring about an accurate examination of the personality of an individual=s nature through their writing, whether cursive or printing.

I will be pleased to write and discuss the many aspects and areas of Handwriting. It is an interesting and fascinating Science with so much to write and learn about.

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