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Published On: Fri, Apr 5th, 2013

Town Treasurer thinks turbines lower property values, worried about possible lawsuits

kenstevens1TOWN HOUSE- It was only recently when Kingston’s bond rating from Standard & Poor’s raised to its highest level in decades, but the town’s wind-turbine controversy is already creating uncertainty as to Kingston’s financial future among local officials.

That concern, as well as a belief that turbine’s will lower nearby property values,  came to light when the Journal interviewed Town Treasurer Ken Stevens relating to Kingston’s new double-A credit rating.

“I’d expect that [turbines] would lower property value,” Stevens said when asked what type of financial impact he believed flicker has on a home within the reach of a turbine’s shadow.

Back on February 17, Kingston-turbine owner Mary O’Donnell told the Journal wind turbines can increase property value and cited California as an example. “You know, in California people pay extra to live near the turbines and have a view of them,” O’Donnell previously told

Stevens further said he thinks about what type of financial impact a lawsuit could have on Kingston if the town is sued for losses relating to the siting of the Kingston Wind Independence (KWI) Turbine by residents.

“I think a lawsuit could hurt the town financially, sure,” Stevens said on Wednesday afternoon in his office. “But it’s something that is beyond our control.”


An example of shadow flicker captured from atop the town’s capped landfill. The shadow outline of the KWI Turbine, along with the shadow of a rotating blade, can be seen against the tree line.

Stevens said he was “sympathetic” to the residents complaining of nuisance and ill-health effects from the KWI Turbine’s shadow flicker and residual noise. “But, somehow the scientific aspect of the process eluded them,” Stevens said when referencing the siting process of the turbine.

The KWI Turbine was approved for construction by the Kingston Planning Board in 2011 without a site-specific study pertaining to noise and flicker.

Since the KWI Turbine’s construction last year, residents on Leland Road, Prospect Street and Schofield Road have logged complaints about shadow flicker with state and local officials.

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  1. serenity-now says:

    Our town officials are responsible for being protective of public health.

    Failure to assess the effects of wind turbines on neighboring properties is the basis of a lawsuit brought by plaintiffs against a wind developer, 2 consulting firms, and a professional engineer in upstate New York.

    Kingston was given a false sense of assurance, via faulty noise studies and flicker studies???, so if town treasurer wants to stave off lawsuits from residents perhaps town officials should be considering their options for filing suit against those who led them astray.

    The town was told there would be no impacts of note to the residents, now that there are how can it be the residents who have to suffer the unintended consequences of excessive noise and strobing are told to suck it up!

    The town has liability insurance for errors and omissions covering decisions made in error…time to fully vet that option.

    falmouth Selectmen have unanimously supporting removing their turbines to heal the community, the sooner Kingston Selectmen do the same the less divisive and hurtful this process will be I imagine.

  2. Jim Wiegand says:

    Your community should get a moratorium in place and then get to work on your state’s renewable energy mandates. Communities have to do this in order to protect yourselves from these corporate raiders. The renewable mandates are part of the scam and the wind industry’s trump card. They guarantee that there will be a demand for these useless behemoths and that the taxpayers will pay through the nose. In return the folks behind these turbines not only get to sell them to your communities but they will also get a cut from the energy produced (Production tax credits) and then rewarded again with carbon credits. Why? These turbines can not remove carbon from our atmosphere. Any reasonable person should be able to see the stupidity behind this crooked arrangement.

    For those that believe in wind energy and the proliferation of industrial wind turbines, I always hear the same arguments used to rally the ignorant. “Wind is the future”, “it is green”, “we will be fixing climate change”, “we are backed with peer reviewed studies”, “it is a citizens duty to address this noble cause”, “wind creates badly needed jobs”, “it will get us off our dependence on Middle Eastern oil”, and when addressing the terrible impacts from these projects………. we represent the “greater good”. All of the people that make these claims might as well say that wind energy will cure warts, because it is all lies anyway. Wind energy actually solves none of the problems it is supposed to address. It does create some jobs but there would be far more jobs if society would concentrate on real solutions. Another point to never forget is that the titans of industry behind wind energy are lifetimes away from being altruistic. One of their commandments is to create as few jobs as possible so they can keep more for themselves. Automation, killing employee benefits, and outsourcing are perfect examples of this behavior.

    Here is the reality behind “green” wind turbines. Wind energy is a business with a product to sell, turbines. In order to sell this product it has to be promoted. In doing so it has relied upon a very deceptive game plan. Here is a look at some of these tactics: (1)The industry is saturated with 30 years of rigged studies, (2) Wind energy is supported by agency collusion, (3) Wind energy has created a world wide genocide to bats and birds but this has been kept hidden by rigging studies and avoiding others, (4) Wind turbines will cause the extinction of rare species but this fact has never been revealed to the public, (5 ) wind energy destroys property values from industrial squalor but the industry hides this fact with rigged appraisals, (6) Wind creates the permanent destruction of habitat, and ecosystems, (9) Turbines cause personal agony for close inhabitants but this again is hidden with rigged studies, (10) wind is robbing taxpayers, creating huge debt, and driving up energy costs, (11) has a devastating mortality footprint of thousands of miles for all migrating bird and bat species but the public had to hear this from people like me instead of from the agencies entrusted to protect these species, (12) wind energy is supported by media manipulation otherwise the outage developing across the world would be reported on by mainstream media outlets, and (13) wind is being sold to Americans by our trusted leaders and sell-out conservation groups which are nothing more than industry mouthpieces.

    This unaccountability has created profits in the billions and an industry that exudes a truly disgusting arrogance. Europe was the industry’s guinea pig. It is a complete failure. They now have 15 times installed capacity of wind turbines as US does but nothing has been solved for their climate changed or their energy problems. In fact it does not matter how many of these turbines are installed, these problems will still be here. Now these counties have to live with the terrible burden and destruction from installing all these turbines.

    Besides the US and Canada, Scotland is the next European country about to raided, plundered, and pillaged in the name of profits. They have some open space the industry wants to exploit. I predict this raid will be met with resistance never seen before.