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Published On: Fri, Jun 7th, 2013

Town counsel, BOH miss AG’s deadline for Open Meeting Law-complaint response


TOWN HOUSE- Martha Coakley’s office gave Jay Talerman (pictured) and the Kingston Board of Health (BOH) until June 5th to respond to an Open Meeting Law violation alleged by the author of this story and, although that deadline came and went on Wednesday, Talerman had yet to meet with the BOH as of late Thusday afternoon.

That according to Acting-Town Administrator Nancy Howlett, who told the Journal that town officials are still planning to address the News Editor’s Open Meeting Law complaint, which alleges that the BOH violated the Open Meeting Law by meeting with a quorum at Finna’s Tavern after a shadow-flicker hearing and accepted illegal gifts in the form of a picked-up $300 bar tab via Michael Frentte, the CFO of Mary O’Donnell’s No Fossil Fuels.


Acting-TA Nancy Howlett

When asked about the deadline on Thursday afternoon–Howlett responded, “that’s if we want to file an answer.”

“We’re not required to respond,” Howlett then told the Journal. “But there will be an answer.”

Howlett, who has been designated to communicate with the Attorney General’s office on behalf of the BOH, originally applied for a 30-day extension but was denied in lieu of a 14-day extension.

“Please provide the complainant with your response to the complaint by Wednesday, June 5, 2013, and forward a copy of both the complaint and your response to our office,” the AG’s letter to Howlett, which is signed by Assistant Attorney General Amy L. Nable, reads.


(left to right) BOH-members William Kavol, Joe Casna and Jack Breen are named in the complaint

Nable also serves as the Director of the Division of Open Government.

The complaint in question, filed by the author of this story, was first received by the BOH over a month ago on May 2, 2013.

To read the full account of the BOH’s Open Meeting Law violation, click here to be linked to BAD MOVE BEARS: AG complaint alleges BOH violated open meeting law, took illegal gifts

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