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Published On: Fri, Jul 19th, 2013

“WE BRIBED ‘EM” [NEW VIDEO] Mark Beaton gloats about bribing

Beaton111CARVER- Mark Beaton, an ex-Kingston Selectman and the acting-Chairman of Kingston’s Green Energy Committee (GEC), gloats about bribing during a recently-publicized 2012 clip from a Carver public-access show called “Conservation Matters.”

Beaton appeared on the show as a guest of Sarah Hewins, a local talk-show host in the nearby town, and spoke to his success strategy in Kingston as the GEC chairman.

“I hate to say it, we bribed ’em,” Beaton says to Hewins in the video, now available on through

Immediately after Beaton’s remarks, Hewins appears surprised and pleads with the current-GEC chairman.

“No, don’t say it like that,” Hewins says to Beaton in the clip.

Beaton follows Hewins’ remarks by grinning and laughing while the talk-show host asks, “how do you mean?”

“Well, money talks,” Beaton answers. “This is what it’s all about. This is the American system. Ya’ know, it’s capitalism.”

MarkBeaton11Beaton continues to say that money is what “drives the bus” and further gloats about his successes in Kingston as a green-energy lobbyist. “When we showed them that we’re going to save them some tax money, we’re gunna’ make their buildings more efficient, it registered in them,” the GEC Chairman says to Hweins.

Beaton ends his recorded comments with, “bribe might have been the wrong word but I’m gunna’ stick with it.”


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  1. Umm, ya says:

    Umm, ya. The GEC found a way to bring revenues into the Town without raising taxes. They found a way to reduce expenses by securing lower cost utilities. That DID register with Kingston residents. Bribe is a strong word, but that’s part of what their self described mission is, isn’t it? Reduce power costs. It was a net positive to the Town. There is nothing wrong with that, unless of course your mission in life is negative politics against the Chair of the GEC.

  2. Tim says:

    I think “bribed” was too strong of a word too. Baited would probably be more apt. Basically, what he’s saying is he told the town they could receive immediate tax incentives if they allowed the use of decades old, inefficient, possibly unhealthy, fad-driven energy systems.

    Unfortunately, Kingston took the bait. What they’ve reeled in thus far has not been positive to the town.

  3. Tim is on the mark... says:

    The underbelly of the Green Communities Act is that it does in FACT bait, bribe & attract communities. In order to get the “goodies” the “bait” or the “bribes” towns have to make certain decisions & changes to operating procedures. Many of these change are good BUT the bait, bribes and goodies are also a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

    As-of Right siting is one of the changes allowed as part of the Green Communities Act…that provision is in fact a wolf in sheep’s clothing. As-of-right siting waters down the permitting process…NO direct notification of neighbors as typical permitting requires…and we all know how destructive “no notification” can be for everybody.
    Destructive for the residents who are impacted, but were never directly notified of either the size or scale of the projects.

    Destructive to the wind developers who feel that they need to deny reality (noise/shadow flicker impacts) and now are in legal jeopardy.

    Destructive to local town’s financial status by way of having to pay town counsel to keep them out of court…while at the same time trying to help residents…a very fine line and proving costly…which diminishes the goodies Mr Beaton bleets about!

    Yeah, Mr Beaton can gloat all he wants about the “goodies” that have come with the Green Communities ACT BUT there are plenty of communities that have not accepted that designation because of some of the hidden downsides…AS OF RIGHT siting constitutes in some cases an illegal taking of others property…that is illegal…but happening here in Kingston with the turbine operations clearly trespassing on private property…and in a way that diminishes health and well being.

    Mr Beaton is a surface thinker…he refuses to look below the surface to see what the big picture is all about…accepting bribes, or bait, or goodies IS the motivator for the Green Communities Act…Mark accepts the goodies and to hell with the consequences!

    Not a good mind set for protective public planning! Cause the bleep hits the fan and the goodies, bribes and bait come at a cost…maybe not a direct cost to Mr Beaton but surely to residents who live too close to power plants that are too big

  4. Publius says:

    Did you ever notice how when someone uses a new term that the more familiar they become with it, the more they use it. Take for instance “thrown under the bus”. Didn’t hear it all about five years ago, now its in common usage. Maybe its the same with nah, couldn’t be

  5. Trespassing? says:

    There is no trespassing. That’s what the anti wind lobby, WindWise, would have you believe. There is no illegal taking of property. What property was taken? Answer: none.

  6. trespassing IS REAL says:

    our state has noise pollution regulations – they have been violated

    the homes that are subject to the violations of noise levels have been trespassed on.

    shadow flicker is a nuisance.

    the properties exposed to this nuisance have been trespassed on during the time it occurs.

    both of these impacts trespass and require action to eliminate the violations

  7. Phil says:

    How much will Kingston “save” after the Independence is shut down because it’s too close to homes?

    The original savings estimates on these green boondoggles are usually based on inaccurate estimates of the future price of natural gas. Read the fine print.

    Quite often “renewable energy” is “unreliable energy” built on false assumptions.

  8. Eliza says:

    Please note, Sarah Hewins is a Carver Selectwoman and Carver Conservation Agent. The video should of been titled “Birds of a feather flock together”

  9. Alternative Energy using alternative Rules says:

    Beaton and Hewins are well known in their home communities as being dangerous leftists. They want special rules for their pet project. These special rules trash the normal safeguards for permitting and approvals. In KIngston it’s the windmills In Carver it’s solar panels right in the backyards of abutters. Beware of people like Hewins and Beaton they talk like they are saving the planet while they are destroying our towns.

  10. misstrust699 says:

    Sarah Hewins is a sitting selectwoman, and a Conservation agent,not a talk show host! And her agenda is to shove these things down our throats! Glad Kingston did not re=elect this bozo Beaton. So glad she can’t run again!

  11. oh no says:

    So, now solar panels are dangerous too? I live in Kingston and have certainly never heard anyone refer to Beaton as dangerous. And I know hundreds of people in this Town. Now, the anti-wind lobby would certainly describe him as such, but they don’t actually live in our Town. They DO come to our Town meetings and speak. Not sure why our Boards keep letting them talk. Particularly Joanne Levesque. She is an officer in WindWise Ma. Their group got our residents all riled up before the turbine turned on. She provides written words for our residents to use. She has instigated and divided our Town almost single-handedly. So, no, Mark Beaton is not dangerous. WindWise and Joanne Levesque are dangerous.

  12. stick to the facts, rather than denigrating people says:

    Oh No,

    I am not sure why you are going off on Wind Wise, which is basically an advocacy group.

    I pasted this description off of their website:
    “Wind Wise Massachusetts is a volunteer statewide alliance of grass roots organizations and individuals who are concerned about the negative health, environmental, and economic impacts of poorly-sited wind turbines.”

    No where does it say they are anti wind at all. They advocate for responsible siting.

    I imagine if Wind Wise was helping us properly plan for our wind projects they would have been able to provide us with some factual information that our planning board was not presented during the site plan approval process.

    I think you are confused on what, and who, is dangerous…

    What is dangerous is a negligently sited industrial power plant…4 industrial sized power plants that have harmful emissions for those who live too close.

    Who is dangerous is the man that had a plan and never disclosed any reason for caution, and to this day denies despite the nose on his face that there are problems

    THAT is what is dangerous…

  13. ignorance is a choice says:

    Consider this “Oh No”

    In the age of INFORMATION

    IGNORANCE is a choice.

    Why did Mark Beaton choose to ignore cautions about Mega Watt wind turbines…as opposed to small wind turbines that were originally proposed for our town??????????

    Every Wicked Local Kingston article informed us the wind turbine would be small…we thought it would be like the MBTA turbine…WHY weren’t we told otherwise

    OH No needs to stop finding bogey men that are not there, when the bogey men are those that pushed and allowed for industrial scale wind turbines next to our homes when there was information available that shows that they don’t belong here, this close!

    State Senator Terry Murray has already said these turbines do not belong anywhere near neighbors and so does that organization you choose to criticize…

    Senator Murray says wind turbines do not belong near where we live…we agree

  14. Ahhh says:

    Ahh, got it. Thanks Joanne.

  15. Alternative Energy using alternative Rules says:

    Notice how proponents of “Green Energy” accuse everyone else of being divisive. Kingston was not divided before Beaton and company placed windmills in peoples backyards to promote a political agenda. They accuse others to take the heat off themselves. Carver greenies placed Solar “Farms” in the backyards of residents dividing a quiet neighborhood. “Solar Farms” and “wind farms” are no more farms than is Pilgrim a “Nuclear Farm”. You are correct to fight these unproductive eyesores.

  16. GEC chair deserves scrutiny for not providing all the facts says:

    umm ya…

    this seems more about questioning why facts weren’t fully presented. if a person was chair of a committee responsible for gathering facts then of course that person can be questioned and should provide answers to those that have been harmed by the mistakes made in siting big turbines near homes.

    Umass Wind Energy Center was telling communities back on 2005 that setbacks for ice throw should be between 2 and 4 times the tip height…for the Independence turbine that would be 1,610 feet.

    They also suggested a setback back in 2005 for small turbines as 3 times the total height to deal with noise…that would be 1,207.5 which is double the distance the GEC pushed for.

    So two good questions for the GEC chair would be, how come you did not use those facts to protect protect public safety and to protect people from problems with noise?

    600 feet is what the GEC allowed to happen for a much larger wind turbine. We now know from experience that larger turbines are noisier and have much more low frequency noise emissions which have consistently disturbed healthy sleep patterns.

    I see nothing political about serious questions resulting from an obvious error in judgement.

  17. Suzanne Lunt says:

    Let’s judge the character of the man who by admission admitted to committing bribery. He is, by admission, a briber and by definition, “bribery is the act of promising, giving, receiving, or agreeing to receive money or some other item of value with the corrupt aim of influencing a public official in the discharge of his official duties. When money has been offered or promised in exchange for a corrupt act, the official involved need not actually accomplish that act for the offense of bribery to be complete. The crime is typically punishable as a felony.

    Although bribery originally involved interference with judges, its definition has since been expanded to include actions by all sorts of government officials, from the local to the national level, and to cover all public employees. Special provisions also have been enacted in various jurisdictions to punish the bribing of voters…..”

    The unfortunate part of this act that has befallen the Town of Kingston (and all other towns who have suffered the same aggressive result of greenwashing) is that the Joanne Lavesques of this world and the WindWise groups of this world did not arrive on the scene first to enable the townspeople to demand answers to health, safety, noise, economic issues and, also the dangers, on all fronts, of the industrial wind turbine before the towns stripped themselves of protective bylaws because they were bribed into believing it was a good move for them and their town.

    The really dangerous people are those like Mark Beaton.

    Bribery? Beware of those who offer lollipops and say follow me.

    The people of Kingston should jump on the WindWise bandwagon and thank “dangerous” Joanne Lavesque and inform people across the state of what happens in a wonderfully close knit community when a wrong is committed and not made right.


  18. Phil says:

    Please ask Mr. Beaton how much the residents of Kingston are “saving” while the Independence turbine sits idle for weeks (months?), waiting for a parts delivery from Asia.