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Published On: Tue, Nov 13th, 2012


Ron Gleason’s life has been dedicated to public service.

Over the past four decades, Mr. Gleason has served Kingston with honor and integrity.

But…it wasn’t supposed to end like this.

And, at today’s selectmen meeting, Selectman Ron Gleason will have one last chance to serve the town he called home for forty years…by resigning.




Mr. Gleason is a veteran.

For five years, Mr. Gleason served his country during times when military service was not seen as voluntary, but obligatory.

Ron, like so many others, rose to the occasion and served five years in the United States Navy.

Even as a younger man, Mr. Gleason felt duty bound to answer the highest call, and sacrifice everything to serve his country.


It is a word that would come to define the destiny of Mr. Gleason’s life story.

After his time in the military, Mr. Gleason found a home, and business success, in Kingston.

As a master electrician, it didn’t take long before Ron was well known throughout the town. His reputation as a quality tradesman, and an outstanding member of the community, only strengthened as the years passed.

When the lights above the football field at Silver Lake Regional High School needed electrical work, Mr. Gleason stepped forward and offered to maintain the lights for no charge.

When Silver Lake’s vocational program needed leadership, Mr. Gleason stepped forward and joined the advisory board.

Mr. Gleason didn’t stop there. He opened his wallet to support Silver Lake’s soccer program and sat as a longtime member of the Silver Lake Soccer Booster Club.

For the better part of a decade, Mr. Gleason also served, unrecognized, on Kingston’s Permanent Building Committee.

As Kingston modernized, Mr. Gleason, once again selflessly offered his gifts to the town.

Ron served on the building committees for Kingston’s new senior center, town house, animal control center, fire station and town barn.

Selectman Ron Gleason

For several years, Mr. Gleason even served as the face of Kingston business as the KBA president.

And, in April of 2011, Mr. Gleason’s lifetime of service climaxed when he defeated incumbent Dennis Randall by 15 votes for a seat at the town’s most coveted table, the Board of Selectmen.

During all those years, Ron never asked for a “thank you” or a pat on the back. Not for serving, not for volunteering, and not for the years of sweat on behalf of Silver Lake Regional High School.

That wasn’t the type of man that Mr. Gleason was.

But Ron, you need to know this. Our community is grateful for your service. Over the past four decades you have made Kingston a stronger community and our town was lucky to have you.

Tonight, you have the opportunity to leave Kingston a stronger community than the day you settled here forty years ago…by resigning.


The jig is up, Mr. Gleason.

Last week a Plymouth County judge reviewed your appeal in a Brockton courtroom. The judge didn’t make a decision but seemed mortified at the prospect of dividing a small town over a residency complaint.

“Kingston’s a small town, a nice town,” Judge Paul E. Troy said as he pondered the case. The judge continued, “It’s just a shame to see this happen. Sad.”

Judge Troy was right. Kingston is a small town and, after your lifetime of service to our community Mr. Gleason, it’s just a shame.

The night before Kingston’s Board of Registrars voted unanimously to expel you from the voter rolls, you heard from a former supporter of yours at the last open forum you attended.

Ken Moalli pleaded with Mr. Gleason, telling him, “I supported you and, if you don’t live in Kingston, you shouldn’t be sitting in that chair, voting on my behalf.”

He was right.

The house on Pembroke Street that Mr. Gleason sold.

We know you don’t live in Kingston. Reporters know you don’t live in Kingston. Ken Moalli knows you don’t live in Kingston. Dick Arruda knows you don’t live in Kingston.

Mr. Gleason, you even know in your heart that you don’t live in Kingston.

You live in West Melbourne, Florida.

You can lose a town one victory at a time Mr. Gleason…because even if you somehow remain on the Board of Selectmen, there will be no way to repair the damage that you’ve done to Kingston as a member of that board.

Ron, your town feels betrayed and your friends feel betrayed. Your former supporters are confused and asking themselves…why would he put himself through this?

When you didn’t show up to three meetings in a row…why did you assure Mr. Casna you’d be there?

After forty years of outstanding service Mr. Gleason….why do you want to go out like this?

You can win your seat back in a courtroom…but, there’s only one way you can win back the respect you’ve lost Mr. Gleason.

Resign tonight.

Ron Gleason’s hired legal team.


Mr. Gleason has previously stated that he wanted to remain on the selectmen to save the town from the $10,000 cost of a special election.

Now, Kingston faces the prospect of a polarizing battle in the courtroom between one of Kingston’s most reputable citizens, Mr. Gleason, and a well-respected town board, The Board of Registrars.

But, the price tag of this scandal for taxpayers is about to make $10,000 look like a bargain.

Mr. Gleason has even opened his own checkbook to hire a top notch legal team to argue his case in the appeal…but for what?

What could you possibly win? How could this possibly end well?

Tonight will be your last chance Mr. Gleason. You’ll have the opportunity to leave on your own terms for the very last time.

Once December 5th comes and your appeal is revisited by Judge Troy, there will be no turning back.

Once December 5th comes, you will no longer be remembered for four decades of service.

Instead, you’ll be remembered for these several months of turmoil.

You’ll be remembered as the man who didn’t want to leave, as the man who thought the rules didn’t apply to him.

You’ll be remembered as the man who lied to keep his seat.

You can change all that by resigning tonight Mr. Gleason.

It’s the last thing Kingston needs from you.

It’s the last thing you can do for yourself.


This editorial was written by Bradford Randall. You can contact Bradford at

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  1. shawn says:

    ron gleason has not done wrong he has only helpled this town ? what has randall done?

  2. Bradford says:

    Shawn, I believe you are talking about Dennis when you say Randall. Dennis, like Gleason is a veteran. Dennis was in Vietnam.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a sad situation. The Board of voters voted that he is not a resident. The Town clerk told him at the meeting that he did not know where he lived. I don,t know how a man can subject his reputation so foolishly. I read what the judge said in the courtroom. Again, I don’t how a man can fight a foolish fight. It must be something stronger than pride; maybe egoism!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Has any relized that the 3 people that complained never really gave Ron a chance to resign?? Don’t you think that someone with this much service should atleast have been given time?? I know you all wnat him off the board for your own reasons, but come on, back off and see what happens.

  5. Barbara D. Costa says:

    Ron should give this up. Notice how his wife spoke up. Guess she wears the pants in his house.I know she does She spoke with me once.

  6. Alice says:

    This is a response to Anonymous 14 November 2012 at 9:59 am:
    Ron sold his house and moved out of Kingston back in August. He has had thousands of chances to do the right thing on his own terms. He could have resigned but he did not. Instead he hung on to his two seats and missed meeting after meeting. Ron brought this on himself to the point where even his supporters wanted him to resign. If you talk to people in town you will find the vast majority think he should give up his seat. Ron does not live in Kingston anymore. He lives in West Melbourne, Florida.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I find it hard to believe he gets away with so much! How and why did we allow this to happen to us?

    I don’t know but I believe it will end soon. Arrogant, disrespectful egomaniac!

  8. Ocean Hill View Point says:

    Ron, thank you for your service. Now you need to move on.